Colour Your Embroidery Designs

I love using my Janome 15000 machine to create large embroidery designs.  There are many built in designs in the machine for this, or I have the option of  using designs from elsewhere.  The large GR hoop  (300 mm x 230 mm) can accommodate any large design I want to make.


My favorite type of large design for the embroidery hoop is a redwork style of design. These designs are linear in composition and have large open areas where I can color with my fabric markers or my water color pencils.  My favorite fabric pens are dual tipped for small and large areas to color and are made by Tsukineko.

Fabrico Markers

Large designs do not need to be completely filled in with color.  I can just highlight certain areas with color.  The design itself has enough stitch detail.  The large GR hoop embroidery designs in my Janome MC15000 machine are a triple stitch design that continuously sews with very few parts that need to start and stop.  This means that although they are large in size they stitch fairly fast.

redwork girl

Redwork designs are usually done on solid colored fabrics.  Printed fabric would not show the stitches of the design as well.  If I  know I want to paint the fabric later I choose either white or muslin fabric for the background.  Muslin fabric will give a softer, more muted color to the fabric markers, while white fabric will allow the boldest color choices to pop out against the fabric.

fabric painting

Coloring has a calming effect on the mind.  This is very Zen like in nature.  It helps us to relax.  So, I can recommend you try stitching something simple and color away your stresses!



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I have been sewing my entire life. I love sewing of all types but recently I have focused on quilting and machine embroidery. I am an educator for quilting and embroidery design software and I own and operate a machine embroidery club that teaches students how to use their machine effectively while creating their own unique projects. I love travel and getting to know people from different regions and seeing how they create projects with their machines.
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