I really like to be able to support and purchase products from Canadian companies. I am often reminded (when I hear about another quilt or fabric store closing) that if we had supported our local quilt store or sewing business, perhaps they would have remained there for us to buy from?!  It is so easy nowadays to just buy things online from who-knows-where and then we may wonder why our local sewing business cannot keep their doors open?!

So it is with great pleasure that I mention Jalie patterns which is a company based in Quebec and which seems to be growing in leaps & bounds.  A few years ago I hardly knew or heard about these patterns. Now I see them in many stores within Canada as well as in the USA. No doubt Jalie patterns are available elsewhere too. I think I personally own at least 17 or 18 of them and many of them have been made up into garments many times over. They are rapidly becoming my very favourite garment patterns. Please check out their website where they may explain how they got started and grew to where they are now. I think it is a mother & daughter business team.  Their website has pattern #’s and further details about patterns featured below + many more.

The maxi dress pattern which takes a little over an hour to run up on a Janome serger and Coverpro: Serger for the shoulder and side seams, coverhem for the armholes, neck edge and hem. It simply could not be easier!  AND the bonus is that these is quite flattering + cool on a hot summer’s day. I have just sewed 2 for myself and plan on wearing them a lot before I have to bring out the fleece and jackets again – groan – BUT Jalie has many patterns for winter clothing too! I have 2 different coat patterns already cut out and ready to sew up. See pics below of the Jalie garments I have made recently.

Just loved this fabric and had to buy it when I saw it a few months back. I am happy with this dress except for the fact that the front neckline was quite low to so hitched up the shoulder seams which made the dress a little shorter than I would have liked. Plus I had to cut the armholes a little lower – which was, of course, fine. and easy to do.  I wrote notes to myself on the pattern envelope so the next one I made (below) had the front neckline cut at least 3 inches higher and worked out much better for me.

What I really like about these patterns is that many of them are specifically designed for knit fabrics. As most of the garments I sew are made from knits (just because I love sewing and wearing knit fabrics of all types),  these patterns are just “my cup of tea”.

I have made this drop pocket pattern several times in plain and printed knits and I will be making more!

My first drop pocket jacket.

And another one with plain black knit lining which also flips to the front to form the outer layer of the pockets. I do like the contrast/2 tone. 

Jalie patterns are also hugely multi-sized: often from little kiddies right up to triple X adults. As always, we advise you trace off the size you need on the master sheet so that you can use it again an again for various sizes. Cut one size from the master and you are stuck with that size!

You can print the pattern instructions and the back cover of the pattern before buying if you wish to do that.

This is another of my favourites. I think I’m up to 3 dresses with this pattern so far. See pics below of the ones I have made.

I like that contrast colour  on the band + armhole and neck edge finishes as it “breaks” the print

Coming in the months ahead: a post on how to finish those knit fabric neck, armhole and hem edges. Stay tuned for options for different fabrics + adding variety to your closet.

I made these Eleonor pants in stretch denim (traditional dark blue) and have another pair cut out in a rather nice black and beige stretch denim print. It is on the TO DO list for sewing to wear later in the year when it is cooler.

I recently bought this pattern after teaching a Jalie knit fabric class in Saskatchewan and plan to try it out before the Fall. 2 ladies in the class made this jacket and I was quite impressed with their finished garments!

What is your favourite type of garment sewing?

Do you have a pattern that you go back to time & time again – probably because we made a successful and comfortable garment and so it has become tried and tested as true! 

Have you tried Jalie patterns yet?

Are you a lover of sewing with knit fabrics or do you prefer wovens?

And are you saving serious time and headaches by using your JANOME serger to whizz through seams on garments?

Don’t you agree with me that the JANOME CPX 2000 COVERPRO SERGER is the very best thing since sliced bread?? I simply could not manage at all without mine! Hems take literally a few minutes, are neat and don’t “pop”  when they get stuck in the car door or when I reach up to the top shelf in my kitchen! 


About Janome Canada

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13 Responses to JANOME AND JALIE

  1. cherylsewing says:

    Liz, you have a few more Jalie Patterns that I have, but I’m catching up. They are wonderful patterns, and fit so well. I’m pleased with my “sweater” jacket that I made at the Stitches Conference as well as the t-shirts I’ve made since then. My 1200D and Cover Pro 2000 make them look absolutely better than “store bought” garments. Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. Jes Findlay says:

    Jalie patterns are awesome! And Liz, you always look great in your creations!


  3. Michelle says:

    Another fan of Jalie patterns here. I love that they have great men’s patterns too. The multi sized patterns allowed me to use them same pattern for all the fellows in the family from age 2 to 31.


  4. Totally crushing on your fabrics! Can you share more info on them?


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Luanne,

      I get asked this quite often actually. I am in the fortunate position that I travel widely across Canada and the US during the course of my work. I usually buy my fabric at Sewing shows where I am working or at my Dealer’s stores when I am there to do presentations. I attend all the sewing shows in Canada and some in the US (usually just as a visitor to these). Not limited to these, of course, but some of my favourite stores to purchase from are: Gala fabrics (Victoria and Vancouver); Snip and Stitch, Nanaimo, BC; Haus of Stitches, Humboldt, SK; and Distinctive Sewing Supplies, Ontario. I also do shop at Fabricland and Fabricana Imports but usually when they have sales or I have nothing in my stash that will work for a particular project. I have become quite picky about quality as I get very miffed if I have put work and love into making a garment only to find it stretches out, pills or does not wash & wear well. I now prefer to spend a little more per meter on better quality.



      • Michelle says:

        Other than the shop in Ontario, I have shopped at the ones you have listed and agree that they have lovely fabrics, knowledgeable staff and great service.


  5. Patti Brommelsiek says:

    Your Jalie garments are lovely. I too love Jalie patterns. The size range is excellent and the drafting is just as good. These are workhorses in my sewing stable.


  6. PsychicSewerKathleen says:

    I’ve been “off” knits almost all year because I’ve been perfecting my fit and wovens seem the best way to tackle this challenge (particularly blouses and shirt dresses). I’m finally feeling reasonably confident my fit work is done so I’m back to knits next month (just in time for fall/winter sewing) and I LOVE Jalie patterns. Their instructions are excellent. Additionally, Jean has videos up on youtube demonstrating the construction of many of her patterns such as the Eleanore pants, her great knit top and the bomber jacket.

    I’m a huge fan of many Canadian sellers – patterns, fabric, instruction. Thank you for this tribute to Jalie 🙂 I think you should make this into a series to support other Canadian sellers especially those who sell online. It’s become crazy expensive for us to order anything online through the states because of the dollar difference, shipping costs, customs so focusing on what’s available in Canada would help many explore that option before cruising elsewhere.


  7. Terri Allen says:

    I just made the maxi dress but changed it up and made 2 knee length and 2 tunics. Loved the fit – am planning on buying more patterns this week. Wish I could get them in Victoria. I also just bought the Elna Easycover and the hems were a breeze. Just need to find out more about the neck and arm hole using the coverstitch. I will be waiting for your next issue. Thank you so much. Love your articles.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Terri,

      Glad you had a successful experience with the maxi dress. I may just “steal” your idea and cut out a future make to knee length as well! Would be a good option where some fabric in my stash may not be quite enough for a maxi?
      I bet you will just LOVE your Elna easy cover. As a sewer of knits, I simply could not work without the Elna easy Cover or Janome CPX. I will work on another post for edge finishes in the coming months.



  8. Stephanie Buckingham says:

    Cathy Martino, an employee at Snip and Stitch, in .Nanaimo BC has been teaching Jalie patterns for a few years. What I love about her classes is that she demos many alternative neck lines, lengths, fabrics. She helps us with our sizing and ensures success.


  9. Leslie Whitby says:

    The peacock fabric is fabulous. Bet this looks great on you! Love these patterns and will be looking for the line.


  10. DJ says:

    Just bought a Jalie pattern for a young boy for his ice skating competition. Will start when I familiarize myself with my new serger.


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