JANOME AcuStitch Tool – NEW

Owners of Janome MC15000 – any version – are in for a real treat!  Janome has pulled out all the stops and added a great new tool to Horizon Link Suite. Owners of version 1 or 2 Janome Mc15000 machines will need to see their local authorized MC15000 Janome Dealer to get this update for their PC. It could be done together with the other updates for needle threader, feet & firmware. Please arrange this with your dealer. The update packages have arrived and are currently being shipped to Janome MC15000 dealers across Canada.

Thanks to Michele, Janome America Educator, who made this neat sample to showcase AcuStitch Tool

So what is ACUSTITCH TOOL? It is one super cool and very smart feature: do you like your Circular attachment and the cool circles and semi cirles you can stitch with it? Then you are going to love AcuStitch Tool! This tool allows you to import Border and Normal sew stitches from the Fonts section of your built in Monograms and lettering in Embroidery mode as well as Created stitches (made in Stitch Composer) to an AcuStitch Tool screen where you can choose whether you want these arranged in a circle or on a line. Decide how big or small you want the circle or line to be and keep adding more circles or lines as you desire. Think PERFECT circles with ease and borders, lines and more for a wide variety of projects: garments, quilts, home dec, etc

The beauty of AcuStitch Tool is that the stitches can be resized bigger than 9mm wide stitches and the circles can be itty bitty small in diameter if you wish. They are all stitched out in the hoop of the Janome Quilt Maker MC15000 so the embroidery unit does the work for you!! You can sit back and drink coffee.  The largest circle size is limited by the hoop size so you will find that you can make slightly larger circles using the Janome Circular attachment so be sure to keep yours handy – Don’t give it to yous sister just yet!

About Janome Canada

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