Downsizing my “playroom”

My adult playroom is my sewing room.  When I downsized my home I went from a 900 sq. ft. sewing room to a 10 x 10 bedroom for sewing.  I had to choose which crafts I loved most and kept those items to fit into the new room.  My decision was to keep anything that is sewing related.  Sewing is my first love and all my crafting abilities are added into my sewing endeavours.


While sewing, I don’t use only one technique.  I quilt, create garments, make home decor items, machine embroidery, design on software programs projects for sewing, and write constantly for sewing related websites.  Even when I decide I am going to make a quilt, I often use standard sewing stitches, free motion quilting stitches, quilting with the embroidery hoop, applique, piecing, embellishing with beads/crystals and so much more. Combining all my creative ideas in one project makes it much more interesting for me.

Take a close look at a small quilted project I made here.  I used machine embroidery (bee monochrome embroidery design on my Janome MC15000 machine), applique, trapunto (under the bee to lift it up), embellishment with decorative sewing stitches, variegated threads and polyester threads, free motion variable zigzag (a great feature on the Janome MC15000 utilizing the knee lifter for stitch width variation). This all adds interest; quilts the layers together, and adds a non traditional applique edge stitch.  Just one style of stitching would never do for me!


I love that my Janome  MC15000 machine has so many styles of stitches available to me.  I can spend many hours just playing with all the stitch possibilities. By varying the stitch length, stitch width, and changing my thread thickness and colors, I can create a project with so much more interest.  My eye keeps moving from one spot to another to hone in on the variations.

So when I am feeling inspired to create, or I just want some play time to myself, it is off to my sewing room I go.  I encourage you to play often and play hard with your Janome products and see what comes of it.  You may be surprised yourself!!



About ymenear

I have been sewing my entire life. I love sewing of all types but recently I have focused on quilting and machine embroidery. I am an educator for quilting and embroidery design software and I own and operate a machine embroidery club that teaches students how to use their machine effectively while creating their own unique projects. I love travel and getting to know people from different regions and seeing how they create projects with their machines.
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5 Responses to Downsizing my “playroom”

  1. Quiltrat says:

    I love my Janome (I don’t have an embroidery machine though) I was delighted to see my bee design here….great fun to see it continued to be used on projects!!! Thanks for choosing it ….let’s face it, there are many fabulous designs to choose from. 😉


  2. Sabrina Van Gastel says:

    Hi Liz, I met you at Spruce Meadows and was wondering if I could get the Serger 101 notes? Thank you, Sabrina


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Sabrina,

      I’m only in the office for a couple of days during the next 2 months but I will try to find my electronic file and email this to you.



  3. Sherrie Johnson says:

    I really am so impressed with your work and designs. I’m quite sure I will be able to see many of them on this website…but I would have to look through the entire list of archives! I see there’s only about four posts on this website written by you. I’m hoping to learn more about my using my embroidery machine. It’s older…Janome Memory Craft 9700…but I do love it. I purchased the Janome Digitizer Jr several years ago and have never used it! Don’t really know what to do with it! Wondering if it’s possible to subscribe to/become a part of your machine embroidery club that is mentioned in your bio. I would appreciate any info you could provide me with. Thanks! Sherrie Johnson


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Sherrie

      Yvonne is a relatively new part time Janome Canada Educator hence you have only been seeing posts written by her for the last 6 months or so. From now on, you should see more – at least 2 per month hopefully. I will be asking her to focus on Janome machine embroidery and digitizing so keep watching this spot! Glad you like the information. Please google Yvonne’s embroidery club and contact her separately from this forum as that is not part of what we do here on janomelife.



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