Dreadful Beginnings? The Joy of Costume Making

Many first-time sewing stories begin with “My {son, daughter, niece, grandson, etc…} wanted to be their very favourite {super hero, super villain, princess, lion, toy train or pizza slice…} for Halloween. How could I say no? So, I learned to sew!”

Maybe those early creations were riddled with imperfect seams or botched buttonholes, but they made the brave beginner sewist a champion in a child’s eyes. His or her candy-cajoling day was made perfect because someone was willing to sew fabric together into something (near or exceedingly) magical.

Today, we celebrate the Sewing Superhero!

Your Janome dealer is a great place to start on this quest that might last a lifetime. If you have been thinking of sewing, or recognize the itch-to-stitch in someone important to you, drop by your local shop to see what might be the best machine for you to craft your very first costume with. October 1st starts the countdown to the big day. Be brave! You won’t regret it.

Thread Riding Hood’s Tips for Beginners

To celebrate not-so-dreadful beginnings, Sherri of Thread Riding Hood has partnered with Janome to offer ten days of costume making tips and a free superhero cape tutorial to get you started. Be sure to follow along on Instagram to enjoy the daily bit of sewing know-how.

Enjoy the Adventure!



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3 Responses to Dreadful Beginnings? The Joy of Costume Making

  1. Maureen Rogers says:

    I loved sewing costumes for my nieces and nephews as well as my son! I sewed costumes for plays and musical productions. Some of my favorite sewing memories. 🙂


  2. Dr.Hala Wafai says:


    I would like to ask about which best embroidery threads for Janome horizon 15000 please.

    Thanks Hala



    • lizafrica says:


      This is a personal preference really. We recommend the spool stand for optimum thread delivery but so long as the rayon or polyester embroidery thread is good quality, you should be good.



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