I have been traveling around the Canadian Prairies for the last 10 days promoting our wonderful NEW Janome products this Fall. WOW! Are people loving the NEW Janome MC6700 or what? No mistake in the words in our ads: SIT. SEW. FALL IN LOVE. Everywhere I go, people sit down at the machine, sew a bit and tell me they love it and want it! I arrived at Haus of Stitches in Saskatchewan where Ron Collins ( one of our Janome Canada Artisans) was finishing off a 3 day Sewing Retreat. I was no sooner in the door, than both he and Wendy (owner of Haus of Stitches) were telling me that Ron had fallen in love! He already sews on several of our Janome machines but he told me that the Janome MC6700 is the machine for him. He totally loves the feel and sound of it, the extra space and the way it stitches. He stitched out all the buttonholes and eyelets on a piece of linen fabric and was super impressed with the stitch quality.  He says it sews beautifully – and he is “in love”!  I had many people at both the Creativ Festival shows in Edmonton and Calgary asking about the machine and wanting to see it.

I sat and sewed at the machine before I left home for this trip and think I’m in love too +  2 of our Janome Canada Educators are in love and want this machine!!

Remember our classic models the Janome MC6500P and MC6600P? These models sold over 100,000 units in North America!  Janome has now introduced another winner in the Janome MC6700 as they have combined many of the beloved, classic features on the previous models with up to date, enhanced functionality to offer our Janome fans a truly stunning new model.

So what is so special about this new model?

** the sewing bed is larger at 10 inches of throat space

** the lighting is greatly enhanced with 3 white LED lights – newer technology – more light for sewing all your special projects!

** at 1200spm the Janome MC6700 is the FASTEST sewing machine on the domestic market!

** knobs for adjusting SW and SL with larger LCD screen and super easy stitch selection

** NEW style 2 tier accessory box for storing machine  feet & accessories.

** new style double-sided stitch chart that doubles as a nifty clip board and slides down lower for storage & traveling.

** Programmable direct stitch selection – YOU select the stitches you want for your favourites on “speed dial”!

** this model offers the updated features of 9mm wide stitches; Acufeed Flex and superior feed system; one step needle plate removal; easy set bobbin threading and bobbin winding; and more.

** PLUS those classic features that more than 100,000 satisfied Janome customers love:

-solid metal flat bed design

-telescoping spool stand for small & large spools of thread which folds away for traveling & storage

-knee lifter

-great quality stitching and the classic Janome smooth sounding motor

-extension table and soft cover

Trust me on this one:  Visit your local authorized Janome dealer to see this exceptional new Janome machine and be as excited as we all are to welcome it onto the Janome line.

About Janome Canada

For over 100 years, Janome has been the brand of choice for sewing, embroidery, longarm quilting, sergers, coverhem machines - and MORE! Our Janome Canada head office; our Janome HQ, is the Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON. Be sure to follow us here on Janome Life blog, as well as our other Janome Canada social media so you get the most from your Janome machine! @janomehq @janomecanada Janome HQ Facebook, Janome Canada Facebook Janome HQ You Tube channel, Janome Life You Tube channel
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  1. Kathryn says:

    I sat in on one of your demos of this machine. I fell in love. But I also like the 6600 and 8200. How to choose how to choose.


  2. I sat, I sewed, I fell in Love. I am so impressed with the Acufeed Flex foot and the 10″ of space that I am excited to quilt my next quilt on one of these machines.
    Melissa Marginet – author of Walking Foot Quilting Designs


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