Janome Canada Artisan: Andrea Ford shares a novel project with us: sew a Reading Tent!

Andrea Ford, founder of RE:Style Studio offers janomelife viewers another unusual project to make. I think it is brilliant! Ever tried to read iBooks out in the sun? And avoid sunburn? And also be the ideal kiddie hang-out……Andrea has the answer!


As fall approaches and we all get back into the regular rhythm of school and work, some of us need a little more motivation for concentrating. We created this reading tent project for a special Little to coordinate with a headboard and bench cushion projects we made for his space in the past. Look out Pinterest: we have a decor-inspired kids’ tent project with all the details.


  • 3 1/4 yards main body fabric (54” wide) *cotton is the most breathable, especially if this tent will serve double duty outdoors from time to time
  • 1 1/2 yards accent fabric (54” wide)
  • 4pc 6’ 1’ dowels
  • 2 yard rope
  • scissors
  • pins
  • thread
  • drill


  • Cut 3 panels from main body fabric measuring 50” at base x 54” high and 8” at top.
  • Cut 2 door panels from accent fabric measuring 25” at base x 54” high and 8” at top
  • Cut 3 top panels from accent fabric measuring 8” at base x 10” high and 4” at top
  • Cut 2 bands from main body fabric at 4” wide x 54” long

  • Press back a 1/2” seam allowance on contrast bands for door panels
  • Sew bands on both door panels as a seam binding tape, using a 1/2” seam allowance. Top stitch closing seam using a 1/8” margin.

  • Sew top contrast peak panels to 3 main body panels using a 1/2” seam allowance. Sew a top hem of 1/2”.

  • Sew vertical seams together of 3 main body panels.

  • Layer banding of door panels to overlap and pin top peak panel.
  • Sew top peak panel to doors.
  • Sew vertical seams of door panels to main body panels.
  • Sew a top hem of 1/2”.

  • Press and sew a 1/2” hem along all bottom edges.

  • Press along vertical body seams, filing fabric open on right sides so that seam runs along the fold.
  • Measure 2” pocket for tent rods.
  • Sew on right side of fabric. Reinforce with second seam.
  • Sew bottom opening closed for extra support.
  • Leave open for outdoor use on grass (to allow for hammering dowels into ground for extra support).

  • Drill holes in top of dowels at approximately 10” from top. Use appropriate safety glasses and clamps.

  • String cording through dowel poles, leaving enough cord to open spacing and adjust as dowels are fed into rod pockets.

  • With an extra set of hands to prevent frustration, feed dowels into rod pockets of tent structure.
  • Adjust top convergence of poles and tie tightly with cord.
  • Wrap cord around bundle several times for support.
  • Keep pole cords tied for best storage and easy next-time set up.


  • You can add door tie-backs either topically to the doors or add velcro tabs to the door panels.
  • Add pillows and battery-powered string lights for extra ambience and comfort.


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