Part 2 of UFO invasion! Janome to the quilting rescue!

As promised, today’s post continues with our look at solving the UFO (unfinished quilts) dilemma which afflicts so many of us quilters. These days we can piece and assemble a quilt top in a matter of hours, yet it’s the actual quilting process which can slow down the process of completing – and enjoying – the finished quilt.

After last week’s blog, I dug out all my quilt tops in need of quilting and I’m happy to say that I currently have 13 quilt tops in need of layering and quilting. How many do you have? Be honest! 🙂

I can say that I’m happy, not embarrassed, with all those quilt tops because I NOW have the solution to FINISH, yes, finish all those tops into quilts. Once again, Janome to the rescue with the help of the fabulous new Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18 long-arm quilting machine.


Part 1 of the UFO invasion This just in…..UFO invasion!? Gasp! Never fear, Janome to the rescue! was perhaps the first introduction some of you have had to the Janome Quilt Maker Pro18. Upon first glance it may look like other long-arm machines, but there’s some special details in the frame itself which helps make the quilting process quicker and easier, in true Janome fashion.


Moving clockwise around the above photo of the Janome Quilt Maker Pro18 quilting frame, you’ll see the Batting Bar mounted on the lower legs. It’s great to keep the batting out of the way,  and I love that this bar is included, not an additional purchase as it is with some other brands.

Next up you’ll see the Quilt Top Bar.  The Quilt Top Bar is down and out – out of the way , that is. I think this is the biggest difference in the Quilt Maker Pro18.

Typically most other long-arms have the Quilt Top Bar mounted ABOVE the Quilt Backing Bar, but in Janome’s case, it’s reversed. The Quilt Top Bar is mounted BELOW the Quilt Backing Bar.

Having the Quilt Top Bar mounted in a lower position allows for greater visibility and accessibility to the needle, which is especially great when quilting with rulers. There’s no bar in the way to look over and worry about hitting with the edge of the ruler.

The Idle Bar is aptly named because it doesn’t move, but it still plays an important function. The Idle Bar keeps the quilt layers flat and even as you quilt and roll, and unroll the quilt on the respective bars.

The last bar in the upper right of the above photo is the Quilt Take Up Bar, which, as the name describes, is where your completed quilt rests. There’s a hand crank on the end of the Quilt Take Up Bar which makes for very easy winding/ unwinding. Best of all is that there’s no adjustment necessary in the height of the frame or the bar height as the completed quilt top winds onto it. Who has time to make adjustments? We just want to get on with our quilting! Janome makes it simple and easy.

The hand crank is available as an additional accessory by the way for the other two roller bars as well.

Space an issue for you? It certainly is for me, but there’s definitely room for the Janome Quilt Maker Pro18  in any home or store as it comes in many configurations. The frame is sold as a 12 foot, but it comes in 4 foot sections, so it can ultimately be set up as 4 feet, 8 feet or 12 feet.

But what about 6 feet, or 10 feet, or even 14 feet? YES! Your Janome Quilt Maker Pro18 could be set up in those configurations as well thanks to the optional 2 foot sections now available. Brilliant! Thank you Janome! ANY size quilt can and WILL be quilted and FINISHED!

In the coming weeks I’ll continue to share the progress of turning my 13 UFOs into completed quilts by showcasing the electronic/ computer components of the Janome Quilt Maker Pro18.  SEW exciting!

Want to give the Janome Quilt Maker Pro18 as test drive, come to the Creative Festival to see us in the Janome Booth! IT’S TIME FOR THE CREATIV FESTIVAL IN TORONTO


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