More One Block Wonder…

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I’m excited to share with you an update on the One Block Wonder quilt I first shared with you in my September Janome post.

If you have been following me along on insta, you know I’ve been working on this during the entire month of October. I ADORE this project. It’s been so much fun to create all these various designs from the same fabric. Who knew this was possible? But, it sure messes with my a-type personality and wanting to get things just right. I could mull over possible designs and combinations for days. (And I kinda have!)

A Recap:

As I mentioned in my September post, One Block Wonder quilts means that one block (a triangle) is used repeatedly throughout the entire quilt. Using the same fabric you construct hexagons. Matching up different designs in the fabric results in transforming the fabric design into something entirely new.


Progress To-date:

At this point in my project I have all my hexagons assembled. It has been fun getting to this stage and I have pretty much taking over a good chunk of our main floor as I’ve been matching up fabric and triangles, and then laying everything out to look at over and over and over again.

After starting the project with a larger triangle (hoping to cut down a bit on work because my hexagons would be bigger), I went back and looked at the design on my fabric and decided a bit smaller triangle (4 3/4 inches to be exact) would work better because it would allow for some of the design elements to be better represented. I also looked for the repeats in my fabric and measured my triangles to get the maximum amount of cuts out of each section.

Generally I found it best to work on my project one hexagon at a time.


As I matched up my triangles, I would piece together both halves of the hexagon and then piece together down the centre. I realize this means I will have a lot of Y seams to do when I put together my final quilt top but there’s something very visually appealing about putting this together one hexagon at a time.




My favourite feature on my Janome Skyline S7 as I work on this project?


The thread cutter!! There are lots of starts and stops on this project and this is a life saver!

As I work through this project, I continue to be amazed at the designs as they come together.


And I love how you can change the dominate colours and designs with each hexagon.

How will it all come together?

Now I get to mull over the next step in this project. How will it all come together!?! Because of the amount of work I’ve put into this quilt already (many evenings of sewing after work), I know I want to take my time and reflect on how to best pull these blocks together.

Do I group like colours together to create a focus to draw the eye?


Do I create movement and flow with the piece by spreading out colours?
Or do I just mix them all up and enjoy the randomness of this new design?


Join me in my next blog post as I REVEAL my finished One Block Wonder quilt. How will it all come together? How will I lay out the blocks in my final design? Have suggestions? Please let me know! And have you ever worked on a One Block Wonder quilt?

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