Some of you attended my classes at various shows this year: Spring Creativ Festival, Toronto? Creativ Festival West in Abbotsford? Creativ Festival West in Edmonton? Creativ Festival West in Calgary? If not, I thought it might be good to wave my magic serger wand again!

There is so much great information available online for making your serger sing or for making quick and easy projects with your serger.

How about trying this link?  http://sergerpepper.com/2015/02/100-serger-tutorials-links-tips-projects.html

and more great serger info: http://sergerpepper.com/2014/05/serger-stitches-101.html

In my Serger Magic 201 presentations across Canada this year,  I had our Janome Pro 4 DX serger and the Janome CPX 2000 up front with my camera so everyone could see on the big screen how I created “magic”

First up was a super quick INFINITY SCARF


Another Infinity scarf: http://mermaidsden.com/2016/07/19/make-this-silk-infinity-scarf-for-less-than-5-in-materials-free-easy-beginner-sewing-pattern/

And a Video if you need the visual learning: how to make an Infinity Scarf. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/510314201511860237/

These make very quick and lovely Christmas gifts!! 



Again – another great Christmas gift idea as who does not go shopping once in a while??

And last but not least was LIZ’S 45 MINUTE PANTS: 

KWIK SEW PATTERN # 3115 is my go-to pattern for comfortable pants although there are many other similar patterns which will work just as well. This pattern is clearly a yoga pant style but can be “dressed up” by simply choosing dressier fabric and wearing the pants with a smart jacket or classic tunic for a look that does not say yoga studio here I come.

Pic courtesy of basteangather.com

TIP: Find a pattern that you like, make adjustments for best fit on YOUR body and then stick with a winning “formula”. Different fabrics, threads and pant lengths/width of legs etc make a big difference to the finished look. For example:
• capri length with wider pant legs made in a stretch fabric like legging fabric >>>> great yoga pants
• slimmer fitting legs in softer made with a form fitting fabric (knits with lycra content?) result in something more like leggings. Remember the mantra: “Leggings are not pants” -This is why we have tunics – LOL!
• Double knits or more stable/structured knits with pattern adjusted for slightly looser pant legs will give a smarter, dressier look for pants. Add touches like top stitching and you will have pants that look nothing like leggings or yoga pants. You will be able to dress these up with a tunic or jacket for office wear. No-one but you will know they were made with the same yoga pant pattern!


pic courtesy of Ilonka on Pattern Review

TIP: do not add or subtract on the pant seams(inseam or outer seam). Adjust on the straight grain line (slash it up & hinge it wider or narrower) or you may end up changing the integrity of the pant shape and wonder why they no longer fit so well. Ask me how I know?!

Pic courtesy of Pammie and the P’s

SO…..if you think you cannot make a scarf, a tote bag AND a pair of pants in an hour…..think again. I did it many times on stage and in the classroom this year. (and then unpicked the bright pink thread afterwards and re-sewed.  Wasn’t I accommodating so you could see the stitching on the camera?!).  There are dozens of Canadian serger enthusiasts who can bear witness to the fact that this is quite possible to do.

Having the right tools is key. Hence the Janome  4 thread serger for all 3 projects and the Janome CPX2000 to do the hems on my pants.


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