Part 4, UFO Invasion! Janome to the Rescue!

I hope you’ve been following along the last several weeks as we’ve looked at some of the fabulous features of the new Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18 long-arm quilting machine.


My goal has been to take away some of the mystery, intimidation and fear which sometimes comes with the thoughts of using a new machine, especially one so big. Though, as we learned in Part 1 This just in…..UFO invasion!? Gasp! Never fear, Janome to the rescue! and Part 2 of this series, Part 2 of UFO invasion! Janome to the quilting rescue! the joy of the Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18 is that the frame can adjust to fit any space being built in 4 foot,  8 foot, or 12 foot lengths.  An optional 2 foot section is available if you specifically want a 10 foot set up. Please ask your local Janome Quiltmaker Pro dealer for more information.

Janome is all about finding solutions and making things easier, and when it comes to finishing all those unfinished quilt tops, or UFOs, nothing could be easier than having “someone” do your quilting for you. In this case, that “someone” is the fabulous new Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18 computer companion, aptly named the Quilt Maker Pro Stitcher Premium.


The Quilt Maker Pro Stitcher Premium is software program on a computer tablet which mounts to the head of the Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18 quilting machine.  You set the dimensions of the area for your  quilting in any shape and size you require for your specific quilt and then select the design to stitch in that pre-determined area. There are  800 designs from which to choose or you can also upload other purchased design files into the software as well.


IMG_9007Once you set the design to scale to the size and shape of the stitch field you determined, just touch the ‘run’ command and watch it stitch.


Think of how many quilts you could quickly and easily finish, all with the touch of a few buttons! A long-arm quilting machine is a lot like an embroidery machine, and with the Quilt Maker Pro Stitcher  Premium computer program, it’s like the machine is on steroids! Whatever you can throw at it, it can do.

One thing I really love is that the Quilt Maker Pro Stitcher Pemium program has awesome editing functions, so I can control exactly where I want my quilting and how I want it to look. My particular favourite is the “Skew” button.

As a long-arm quilter for hire, some of my customer’s quilts don’t always square-up to perfect 90 degrees in the corners. In fact, many of them don’t and that’s perfectly ok.  Instead of stressing or trying to fix their piecing, I simply use the “Skew” button to manipulate my selected design to perfectly fit  into the area, whatever degree that angle might be. It’s exaggerated in the photo below, but you get the idea.



Once the stitching begins you can certainly multi-task……. like using your domestic sewing machine to sew binding onto another completed quilt. In fact, make that task even faster and easier by using the fabulous Janome quilt binder attachment.  Binding the Quick and Easy JANOME way!

All the parts and pieces; new cables, a new carriage for the head to ride on and the blue track which helps guide the machine on the table is included in the box. In usual Janome fashion, the detailed guide for set-up is straight-forward so there’s no need to fear.  For example, on the back of the tablet harness there are two ports simply labeled #1 and #2. Into these ports goes the ends of the main wiring cable which have also been appropriately labeled #1 and #2. Pretty simple, which means you’ll spend less time guessing where everything goes when setting up so you have more time actually quilting.

In upcoming blog posts I’ll show some of the fun and fabulous optional accessories available for the Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18 which can take your quilting to a whole new level – and are a whole lot of fun, too!!


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