How is the Christmas shopping going?………15 days left if you count Sunday shopping!

Now, yes, I groan along with you when people oh so cheerfully remind me how many shopping (or sewing) days I have remaining before I have to resort to a crisp banknote in an envelope or a hastily printed online voucher to a restaurant or a spa. Been there, done that and probably will be doing it again this year!


BUT……if you are in the market for a new sewing machine, there is still enough time left for you to cozy up to Santa and let him know which model you want?  Believe me,  I am surprized at how often a customer tells me that Santa gave her one machine model when  she would have preferred a different one. So be specific –  Santa has a lot on his mind!

Or maybe you want that roller tote for your sewing machine that you have had your eye on for a while?  Look at this link from a post earlier this year + ask your local Janome dealer who is bound to have sewing roller and carry totes on offer such as the lovely Tamara Kate ones or the Tutto totes.

Or maybe you figure you are going to need than Quilt Binder set as you have lots of quilts to bind?

You know what you are needing and wanting so whisper it,  or write it down on a Wish list ………and hope Santa is listening and reading!

As many of us are super pumped about one of the newest additions to our Janome line – the MC6700P – I thought you might like to check out what an independent home sewer has to say about this awesomely fabulous machine. Check this out. 

Maybe this machine will be under your tree this Christmas morning???


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