Fast and Fun – no sew – Holiday Décor!

With the busy holiday season upon us, time is certainly of the essence. Here’s a quick and easy and FUN decorating idea, which would also make a GREAT gift for a special sewing buddy.

Put your best “foot” forward by using all those specialty presser feet and accessories for the sewing machine as decorations on a wreath! A few silver balls and a wired ribbon – all purchased at the discount store, so we’re talking cheap, too – and you’re done! It’s that easy, but looks oh, SEW cute!


For years I’ve kept a collection of antique sewing items in a drawer until finally, inspiration hit! Many of us inherit such goods, or might be lucky enough to pick them up for a song at a yard sale, but the question has always been:  what to do with them? A little silver metallic thread, a few wire twist-ties, some left-over silver metallic ribbon and suddenly these once forgotten and “useless” crafty tools have a second life.


It’s so cool to study the detail and fine craftsmanship of these antique feet and attachments. They remind me of the same high quality, all metal construction of many of the Janome feet and attachments we use today. My favourite, the Janome Quilt Binder Attachment, for example. Binding the Quick and Easy JANOME way!


The Quilting Guide Bar hasn’t changed much over 100 years, has it? Funny, some things you just can’t improve upon. It’s simplistic practicality still works beautifully today.


Many Janome machines come with one, but it’s also available as a separate part,  and is also included in the Janome Quilting Attachment kit. Check with your local Janome dealer for more information on it’s compatibility with your machine.

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As I said, making this wreath was FUN and I really got into the whole recycling/ repurposing thing. Knowing I could come up with more treasure I raided more drawers of supplies in my sewing room. Please tell me I’m not the only one who saves things for 30 years “just in case” I might need it one day 🙂

While the sewing machine feet and accessories I used while studying Fashion Design in college are thankfully not old enough to be considered antiques – YET! – it’s already been 20 years since I graduated and hadn’t used any of those items since. They were excellent candidates for the wreath.



The wreath is also a fun conversation piece, and it’s sweet going down memory lane sharing stories with visitors. Oh, if only those feet could talk – lol!

Continuing the theme of gift giving, how about making this wreath with some cool NEW presser feet and/ or attachments for a special sewing friend as part of the gift? This is the perfect time to forward this post to your spouse along with a list of the presser feet and accessories you’d like 🙂 The Janome Circular Attachment is VERY fun!! (wink, wink!)



Image result for janome circular attachment

Dust off Grandma’s sewing basket and have fun thinking of new ways to use and display such treasured pieces. We’d love to see photos of what you come up with!


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