Take a STAND against threading and stitching nightmares!

One aspect of my job which I dearly love is traveling around to many Janome Dealerships to give presentations on the various Janome machines and accessories, or as I simply describe it, “to share the Janome love!”

My suitcases are always busting with samples, accessories, presser feet, samples, attachments – The Quilt Binder Attachment being my personal favourite! Binding the Quick and Easy JANOME way!, Did I mention samples? 🙂 While it’s true I always try to bring as many samples as I can, the one accessory I ALWAYS travel with is my thread stand. I can’t say enough good about it and I’m always happy to spread the word! It’s always one of my “if all else fails/ makes life easier” go-to’s.

I have the 5 thread option, which is great when changing colours while embroidering. There’s a handy metal clip along the top of the stand which conveniently fits over the handle of my machine. I don’t even have to screw it in to the back of my machine and I can still open to the top cover plate to see the list of all my stitches. It’s the perfect companion to my fabulous Horizon Memory Craft 15000 Quilt Maker. http://janome.com/en/products/machines/15000/

Image result for janome 5 thread spool stand

There’s also a 2 thread option, which may look a little familiar. (hint, hint) You can see by the photo that it simply screws into the back of the machine. In fact, the screws are already in the back of your machine, though you may not have noticed. Perhaps did notice then wondered what they were for. With Janome’s infinite wisdom they’ve designed many of the machines to accept the thread stand as an optional accessory if desired. No drilling and tapping screws required! Thank you, Janome!

Janome Thread Stand

As I mentioned earlier, this thread stand may look familiar to you. Perhaps you’ve seen it on the fabulous new Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18 long-arm?

Or you might have seen it on the Artistic Quilter SD-16 sit-down machine.Artistic Quilter Sit Down 16"

We all know how important thread, proper threading and thread delivery is to sewing. We wouldn’t get very far without it! But it’s especially important with super high-speed, multi-directional sewing, or in this case, quilting. The Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18 long-arm can sew an impressive 2200 stitch per minute. Without proper thread delivery from the cone to the needle you wouldn’t get much quilting done and I’m sure you can image the headaches which would ensue.

Speaking of high-speed, did you know that the fabulous Janome 6700P, which debuted this summer, is currently the fastest domestic sewing machine on the market?



Take a look at it’s convenient built-in thread stand. Looks kind-of familiar, doesn’t it? At an astonishing 1200 stitches per minute, 1000 stitches per minute for decorative stitches, the new Janome 6700P is 200 stitches per minute faster than it’s immediate predecessor, the infamous Janome 6600P, one of the best selling sewing machines in history, by the way.

There are many reasons why these machines are so well loved, so legendary, but one of the most important reasons is their ability to deliver excellent, high-quality stitches at such incredible speeds. Leather, denim, canvas, the Janome Professional Class of machines; Janome 6700P, Janome 6600P, Janome 6500P, Janome 6300P (below)

and the Janome 1600P (machine of choice of Janome Artisan Jennie Jenkins)

We shine the spotlight on Janome Canada Artisan: Jeannie Jenkins

Guest blog post from Janome Canada Artisan Jeannie Jenkins.


can tackle them all and still deliver fantastic, professional results every time. One of the secrets to that winning formula is the thread delivery system, or quite simply, the built-in thread stand. I think we’ve seen that Janome 1600P thread stand somewhere before, haven’t we?

Perhaps you’ve already experienced some trouble/ headaches/ stress when free-motion quilting on your domestic sewing machine, for example, or when you’ve attempted to use a textured metallic thread as a decorative element on a garment you were making. Maybe the thread was shredding and breaking, and/ or you were getting skipped stitches. I’m sure we’ve all felt that pain and stress at one time or another.

However, sewing should be FUN! Not drive you to drink – though there’s nothing wrong with a little wine now and again, especially when free-motion quilting when the more relaxed and loose you are the better. lol!

The first thing I always say to check is the needle. Is it the correct size, type, how old is it, etc. Click on the link below for an excellent needle reference guide from our friends at Sew4Home. https://sew4home.com/tips-resources/buying-guide/choose-right-sewing-machine-needle-your-project

The next thing I always check is threading. Check the thread path; how is the machine threaded; is it threaded correctly? Changing either or both of these elements will often solve the majority of issues, but there are some times when everything looks and is correct, but problems still persist. The stitches still aren’t looking as great as they should. When all else fails my aforementioned go-to is always the optional thread stand and WHAMO! beautiful stitches every time. Having just that extra bit of slack, that extra bit of room for the thread to relax and uncurl while it passes through the thread stand seems to work wonders and solves many of the aforementioned woes. It’s really quite remarkable, or quite simply, it’s Janome. Problems solved!

























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