All Janome customers who have owned an earlier embroidery machine model, know about the ‘Customizer’ software that worked with the Giga hoop.  The composition and editing feature has been added and enhanced in the Horizon Link Suite version 1.30 software   under the <Layout mode> tab.  It is now possible to make a large pattern composition to fill the equivalent of nine (9) pages of 8½ “X 11”.

HLS LM assembly

This new function allows you to:

  • Edit templates to create original embroidery designs such as large designs
  • Edit templates in the edit box up to 9 (3 X 3) letter-size pages.
  • Import the edited designs to your computer directly, or via USB stick in .eld format
  • Create large patterns with your sewing machine using templates printed on sheets.


Here is the procedure for making a template:

  1. Click on the ‘ Layout Mode ‘ tab and open a new page
  2. Home <Select hoop size >
  3. Select the hoop with which you wish to work
  4. On the tab ‘ Home ‘, in the group layout , click on the button ‘ Landscape ‘ or ‘ Portait ‘ to determine the orientation of the paper to print
  5. On the tab ‘ Home ‘, in the group layout , choose the number of pages, horizontal or vertical, to be printed
  6. The size of the edit box is now set

montage blog

The pattern template is ready to be printed in color or a black line outline, you choose in ‘ Print Set-up ‘. The positioning cross is indicated on each of the locations.

printed template

To study all the possibilities of the software, do not forget the? blue  inst top right on the task bar … the instruction book is in pdf format. Even better … request a training from your authorized Janome dealer!

Written by Celine Ross and translated and posted by Yvonne Menear


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