The Memory Craft 6700P electronic sewing machine has a sturdy aluminum frame which makes it strong and stable for intensive use.

2 MC6700P

Janome’s engineers took inspiration from industrial sewing machines to incorporate into its design.

I love this machine: there are over  two hundred stitch options on the machine.  I decided to use some of these stitches to customize one of my jeans. I opened the inner seam of a leg.   Janome offers the seam ripper tool with a piece of rubber to pick up the threads of the opened seam (ask your local Janome dealer to order you one….or two?!)

Janome cutter

After cleaning, iron the jeans open & flat. Draw the desired shape to have the decorative stitches follow on the front and the back of the leg of the pants.


Since there will be several rows of decorative stitches and I want to align them accurately, I use the optional Border Guide Foot.

edged foot

You can feel the machine easily power through the thickness of the fabric as it stitches perfect lines of decorative stitches.

front panel

I really value all these settings on my machine as I stitch:

  • Cutter … activated with a mere lift of your finger
  • Lock stitch or tie off: which ends the sequence of a pattern
  • Reverse: instantly stops the pattern with a lock stitch
  • Needle up/down: it stops at the requested position
  • Speed: slider bar to control speed
  • Tension unit: numbered dial
  • Presser Foot pressure: adjustable according to the fabric
  • Screen: backlit to see all the settings clearly
  • White buttons: so practical to vary the length and width of the stitches
  • Elongation: several patterns have been lengthened

decorative stitches

The decoration of this leg of pants is finished.  It was necessary to sew over the seam line of stitching on the outer pant leg and it sewed perfectly despite the added thickness.  I could wear my pants  decorated on one leg only. However, I have another machine that embroiders:  I love using my Horizon Memory Craft Quilt Maker 15000  for embroidery.  I created an embroidered oriental design from the company  Momo-Dini .  Check with your local Janome dealer as we may still have some of the Momo-dini design CD’s in stock? These artistic designs are beautifully digitized. You could also use any suitable embroidery design on your embroidery machine or in a collection you own……or go shopping on!


I used the same thread colors for the embroidery and decorative stitches to produce a coordinated effect.

pants finished

To be continued…

Written by Celine Ross and edited & translated by Yvonne Menear & Liz Thompson

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