Here in Quebec, we are in the middle of winter, and outside the weather is cloudy with a temperature of -20 ° C … brrr! You have to dress warmly and fleece, sherpa, goretex, thick blankets and snowsuits are perfectly suited to keep warm.

With the purchase of a Janome MC6700P, the HP foot and plate are included and the set is highly recommended for working with thick fabrics like Sherpa. On one side, this fabric has an imitation leather surface, and on the other side the fabric has a thick pile or looped surface. This fabric is very thick and warm and its composition is usually polyester. A straight stitch of length 4~5 mm and with the set up of the HP set, the thicknesses of the fabric does not stick to the plate or the foot HP.


The next example is a cotton flannel rag quilt. There are six layers of sewing fabrics. Construction is done with a 1/4 “or 6mm stitch with the HP foot and HP plate. It is recommended to lengthen the stitch length to 4~5 mm.

narrow foot

The AcuFeed foot is extraordinarily ingenious:  the double upper metal feed dogs work in perfect coordination with the lower feed dogs which helps to evenly feed the thick layers of the fabrics. The sole plate is interchangeable according to the type of stitching to be done. There are several different sole plates that are available as an optional accessory (Ditch quilting, open toe, 1/4 inch).

AcuFeed assembly

Several layers of fabric are fed easily under the AcuFeed flex foot.

several thicknesses

The Janome MC6700P offers even more. It is possible to stitch with a convertible Free motion set of feet included with the purchase of the machine. The clip has a screw and adjusting spring for varying the height of the foot which is appropriate for the thickness of the fabric that will be under the foot. It is possible to interchange one of the three different foot types: closed-toe metal foot, open-toed foot, and wide transparent foot.


The Janome MC6700P tempts you? Visit your local authorized Janome dealer to try Janome’s Memory Craft 6700P.


To be continued…

Written by Celine Ross and translated/edited by Yvonne Menear

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