Passing on our love of sewing to the next generation

I don’t know about you but I really want my grand-daughters and grandson (if they wish) to learn how to sew. It does something special in my soul and heart to be able to show them what I do and how they can do it too. A few weeks ago, I taught my eldest grand daughter to knit. Early days yet but she is learning fast…….and is as keen as mustard.  She is also very ready to start sewing. I think we will start on sewing some garments for her beloved stuffed lamb (Lammie). She cut out fabric scraps on her last sleepover with me and taped them together with tape. I think it is high time she sewed the pieces together….don’t you agree?  Lammie was all decked out with a hoodie, vest and skirt. So the Easter weekend is almost upon us…… In between the requested Easter egg hunt and then eating our discoveries, guess what Nanna will be doing?! No prizes for guessing the correct answer.

Here is a lady from Alberta, Canada, who is real pleased as she recently started teaching her daughter to sew…..this is the very first time that Kathy’s daughter had ever sat at a sewing machine and was so impressed with her Mom’s new Janome 3160, that she now wants to buy one too!  I tell you….once we start sewing, it becomes an absorbing passion -right? I have sewed since I was 9 years old and cannot imagine what my life would be like without sewing in one form or another. There is SEW much creativity to get involved with. ………think I will go sew some more right now!

Thanks, Kathy, for sharing this pic with us:

And just look at that cute little pin cushion too! These are available from your local Janome dealer. Ask them to order for you if you don’t see them on the shelf.  They come in a range of colours  (not just purple polka dot as in the pic above) and fit into the little hole for the extra spool pin.

About Janome Canada

For over 100 years, Janome has been the brand of choice for sewing, embroidery, longarm quilting, sergers, coverhem machines - and MORE! Our Janome Canada head office; our Janome HQ, is the Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON. Be sure to follow us here on Janome Life blog, as well as our other Janome Canada social media so you get the most from your Janome machine! @janomehq @janomecanada Janome HQ Facebook, Janome Canada Facebook Janome HQ You Tube channel, Janome Life You Tube channel
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  1. Kay Warcup says:

    I’m currently teaching my 6 YO. granddaughter to sew on her own Janome Graceful Grey Sewing machine I bought her for Christmas. She loves coming to Nana’s house to rummage through my scrapbox to make things. Recently she’s been making pockets – just smaller pieces of fabric sewed on three sides that she puts her little treasures in. She even has one in her pocket to put special rocks and things that she finds while she’s out. Yesterday she made a sleep mask – she just cut a scrap into the right shape, asked for a piece of elastic and sewed it on – absolutely no help from me at all! (I wish i could somehow attach the photo so you could see the great job she did!


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