Creating Joy with Janome

I want you to do something for me. Close your eyes. Well, after you read this next part. Pretend you are in your local Janome dealer’s shop. Wandering around all the beautiful machines. Are you there? Good. Then picture your dream machine. Perhaps it’s a quilting model. Maybe it’s a 6700. Or a 9400. You’ve had your eye on a new machine, and it’s time to make a decision. Ready? Open your eyes.


I’d like to introduce you to Stella, my new Janome Skyline 9 Sewing & Embroidery Machine. The last time I had a brand new out of the box machine was when I finished high school, and it was exciting. That new machine smell, opening the box and pulling out the Styrofoam casing.  It’s an amazing feeling. After a crazy busy week, I finally had the chance to sit down and enjoy and record this experience for you. My new machine arrived to me in a sturdy box, complete with carry handles. Such an awesome feature. It was so easy to move it from the car to the house.



This box is huge. And packed so well, I was so impressed. Look at all the Styrofoam padding!

Then I had to lay out all the cool accessories that came in the box: the Embroidery arm, knee lifter, 3 different sized embroidery hoops, the manual (don’t be scared of this one!) and all the feet. Stella definitely came ready to sew!IMG_6773After I poured over all the incredible goodies, it was time to lift Stella out. I was surprised by the weight of the machine, and then remembered that she’s a computer too. So be careful when you remove machines from their boxes! I set her on the table, and stopped to gaze at how pretty she is. And look at all those stitches!!!

The foot pedal on this machine is awesome, nice and wide. I powered it on, and the light is so bright. I love it. But then, I was confused by this message:


If this happens to you, do not panic. I did have to make a phone call, and then was completely dumbfounded that the machine just wants you to advance the fly wheel lol. And then I felt like I needed more coffee :).  Once I raised the needle, it made some “turning on” sounds and it was ready.

I took a deep breath, and opened the manual to figure out how to wind the bobbin. Don’t be intimidated by this step, it really is quite simple and logical once you figure it out. Plus I love that it has a built in spot to cut the bobbin thread after you wind it. Janome has an incredible drop in bobbin system, that is so easy to use. And you can see it exactly as you place it in, no fumbling or looking underneath to make sure you have it in the right spot.

I think my top moment of joy was discovering how to use the needle threader. We’ve all done it. Lick the thread, fiddle with the needle, get up real close and then try to thread the needle. If you’re good at it, it’ll only take once or twice. But if you need to take off or put on glasses, or adjust your head to see, it’s a pain. Enter the genius of Janome. I was so impressed actually, that I made a video for you to see just how easy and simple it is.


I actually threaded and rethreaded over and over, just to experience it more than once. I’m sure the novelty will fade, but for now, it’s pretty awesome. Once I threaded, I was ready to sew. Previous machines of mine had always made a “chunking” sound. You know it, the one that you can’t figure out if it needs oil, or fluff cleaned out or a thread is stuck. You try everything to figure it out, mystified by the sound, but you keep going. Not with this machine. It was like listening to a fine tuned violin. Perfect in everyway. And the stitching, Oh my. No tweaking required. In fact, I made another video for you to experience it the way I did!

Sounds like heaven to me! I’m so excited to work with this machine, and tell you all about how wonderful the Skyline 9 from Janome is.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Stella!

Until next time, create joy!

JanomeGirl is our new Janome Canada Educator who we introduced to you on a recent janomelife blog post. Can you tell that she is breathless with excitement?!




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