Janome 1/4 inch foot with flange

Quilters are very familiar with the 1/4 inch foot with a flange.  This is what is traditionally used when piecing fabric pieces together.  The narrower width of the seam makes for less bulk in the quilt.  Traditionally, in dressmaking you would use a 5/8 inch seam allowance.

Sometimes you want to create a 1/4 inch seam or 1/4 inch line of straight stitches which would not require the flange to align your fabrics.  This is true for top stitching a line of stitches perhaps near an edge or along a seam line and you only want the stitching a 1/4 inch away from a certain marking.  Sometimes the flange of the foot will help us with alignment and sometimes the flange may get in the way.  Janome makes several feet that can aid us in this task.


1/4 inch foot with flange riding along piped edging trim


Janome Ankle to attach feet

The Janome ankle foot for your machine may have a hole in it.  This is to accommodate the guide bars that come with your machine.  You may set your guide bar to a very wide width and use a standard foot to follow along the previous rows of stitching (as in pic below).


Guide bar attached to ankle of machine

If you measure carefully, you may be able to use the edge of the foot itself as a guide for the 1/4 inch line.  Some users have said that the new HP foot and plate for the Janome Horizon MC 15000 Quilt maker  will produce a ‘scant’ 1/4 inch line when using the edge of the foot as a guide.

HP professional grade foot with MC9400QMP and Quiltmaker MC 15000

HP foot and plate available with the  Horizon MC15000 Quilt maker ;  the MC9400 QCP and the Janome MC6700P

Many feet have guide lines inscribed on the foot to help with alignment.  Depending on your needle position in the foot, some of the lines may also work as a 1/4 inch alignment marking.

OV Clear View Quilting Set optional 9mm foot

QV Clearview quilting foot with alignment lines and optional edge guides

Janome also has a new 1/4 inch foot without the guide edge/flange that makes alignment with the edge of the foot easy.  You can repeat 1/4 inch lines of stitches simply by using the edge of the foot as a guide.  This is great as it can be used without the flange getting in the way and grabbing previous stitches or sinking into a seam line you are wanting to follow.

O quarter inch foot without guide for QuiltMaker MC15000

Quarter inch foot without the flange

The Janome sliding guide foot may also help with creating multiple rows spaced 1/4 inch apart.  By sliding the guide to a specified marking , you can create a 1/4 inch line that would be repeatable with perfect results. The needle position can also be moved to fine tune exactly where you need to place your stitching. This foot deserves a close look – it is awesome!


Janome Sliding guide foot. Pic courtesy of

Check your Janome machine model and find which feet you have to create the perfect 1/4 inch seam or line for you.  There is more than one way to stitch your perfectly straight 1/4 inch lines using our Janome products.


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