I am so impressed with these two new Artistic products!  I just love that someone has finally come up with a product that is low VOC.  I attend a lot of retreats where everyone is using spray products and it has become a real issue for some people.  Sensitivities to these types of products has really increased.

I have used both of these products successfully.  There is next to no smells emitted with these at all.  As a precaution, I try to spray only outside, but some days that just doesn’t work well due to poor weather.  I had no issue with these inside the house.

I almost always use a spray adhesive when creating quilt layers.  But, I also like to know that the products are completely removed with washing.  As I like the look of a washed quilt, this is good for me.  The  Artistic Tack adhesive washed away completely leaving my finished project nice and soft to the touch.  I also use this Artistic Tack with my machine embroidery designs.  The Artistic Tack released the paper stabilizer backing after stitching without any issues.


I am most excited about the Artistic Clean product.  I have been doing machine embroidery for many years.  I never cleaned my hoops.  I always told myself that the stickiness on the hoop helped to hold my fabric better.  It was just my excuse to not clean it.  Just look at my filthy hoop.




I decided to give the new Artitstic Clean a challenge to see how well it would work.  I laid down some paper towels and sprayed the cleaner as directed on the can.  There was no smell from the product.


In less than 2 minutes I had a perfectly clean hoop.  No more excuses for me to not clean the gunk off of my hoops.


After cleaning my hoop, I sprayed a little of the Artistic Clean on a rag and wiped down the bed of my sewing machine.  The stickiness there was instantly removed.

I love these new products for how well they work and for the low VOC ratings.



About ymenear

I have been sewing my entire life. I love sewing of all types but recently I have focused on quilting and machine embroidery. I am an educator for quilting and embroidery design software and I own and operate a machine embroidery club that teaches students how to use their machine effectively while creating their own unique projects. I love travel and getting to know people from different regions and seeing how they create projects with their machines.
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