First Project with my Janome Skyline S9

So I’m attempting a few “firsts” with this project, I’m so excited. My first international pattern, first project on “Stella” (my new Janome Skyline S9), first time gathering with a string, first time embroidering on pleather…I’m getting ahead of myself!

I thought the best way to show you what my Skyline S9 can do is make a skirt for my daughter, who loves all things frilly and pretty. This project will come to you in a few parts, as there is too many things to show you in one post.

First I gathered all my materials: a chunk of pink pleather that’s been calling me from my stash, a piece of gold sparkly glitter, and some black cotton Lycra solid for the base of the skirt. Also my pattern, it’s called Lienchen from Pom & Pino. I picked it up from Alles fur Selbermacher. (You’ll need to open it in your browser and translate it, it’s in German, but it has lots of English ebooks as well.)


I’m making the 152/158cm size for my girl, she’s growing so fast even though she still fits in a smaller size. I’m super excited to start this project! After I printed and taped my pieces together, I cut them out, but not the tulle for the middle layer.  I lengthened all the pieces by about an inch and a half, as I like skirts to be a little longer. There: All my pieces!


Next task is to gather the tulle. My pattern pieces are asymmetrical, so I decided to gather first and then cut my pieces out. I tied a knot at the end of the string, and then set my machine to the widest zigzag (5.5 width, 2.0 length). Here’s a video showing this technique:

Now that my tulle is gathered, I’m going to stitch the side seams of my top layer and bottom layer. You don’t need a serger to sew with knits.  A serger is a fantastic tool for sewing with knits, but if you don’t have one, you can get a similar look with your sewing machine and the Janome Overedge foot M (that’s one foot that comes with the Skyline S9).

And look how easy it is to switch feet!

Your machine comes preset with some stitches for knit, they are found in the Utility section of your stitching library. I used U13 for the side seams of the skirt as it’s the basic overedge stitch and works really well for knits. See it in action below:

Here’s a close up of the finished seam. It looks really smooth and not rippled at all.


Both sides of my bottom layer are now sewn together, now it’s time for stitching the top layer. I used just a straight stitch for that one. I’m now ready to assemble my skirt, but I want to add a little something to the top layer. Tune in next time to see what I do with the built in embroidery designs!

Create joy,






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2 Responses to First Project with my Janome Skyline S9

  1. Maria Dow says:

    I just bought a Skyline S9 but I’m having so much trouble with the bobbin color showing through the embroidery…did you have that problem and if you did, what did you do???


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Maria,

      Are you using the yellow dot bobbin case for embroidery? This comes with your machine. It has a higher tension and will pull the top throws to the back of the embroidery rather than what you report is happening. If you are already using this bobbin case, then check your threading as the top thread may be catching somewhere and increasing the tension which will pull up the bobbin thread. You may need to take the machine back to your Janome Dealer to be checked and to get an owner’s lesson if this trouble shooting does not solve the issue.



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