Adding Details with Machine Embroidery

Hi! It’s me again, Janomegirl! Last time I left you hanging about what was coming next on the skirt for my daughter. I’m so excited to show you! I decided to add some machine embroidery to the skirt, using a built-in design file from the Janome Skyline 9 sewing and embroidery machine. This machine comes with tons of embroidery files that you can use to give your projects some extra details. I chose a file designed by Anna Maria Horner, a lovely rose design. Before I stitched it on the actual skirt though, I did a test sew sample. If you plan on embellishing a garment already made, or have small amounts of your fabric, I highly recommend stitching it out on some scraps to see where you may need to adjust the design. I am so glad I did that LOL. Look what happened:


I ended up stitching out two samples, just to make sure that I had everything threaded correctly. Look at the difference between the two samples. One had the bobbin thread incorrectly threaded, and the other was threaded perfectly. Note to self: always check the threading is 100% correct even if you think you did do it correctly. You can also adjust the height of the presser foot, if you are noticing that the threads are still loopy after checking the bobbin.


You can customize so much with the Janome Skyline S9, and it comes with magnetic clips to help stabilize your fabric. I used our new Artistic Tack Temporary Adhesive spray as well, as I didn’t want to directly hoop the vinyl and then not be able to get the creases out of the fabric. This spray is amazing, and I noticed that it doesn’t smell strongly of chemicals. It was so easy to use, just shake and spray. (Caution: don’t spray right close to your machine! It can overspray easily. Best to spray away from your machines and tools, but if you do get it on something by accident, you can also use the remover spray!)


I decided to leave my jump threads, and then I went back and trimmed them after. You can also set it to automatically cut the threads each time it jumps. For this particular thread I was using, if it was set to auto-cut my thread tail kept popping out, so I turned off that feature.  And look at the back of the embroidered area. Everything is so neat and tidy. Since my fabric is vinyl, I didn’t iron anything to the back of it, just used tear-away stabilizer. It doesn’t directly contact any skin, so leaving a little bit there is fine. When using embroidery to embellish an area that may rub on skin, you could use some iron on interfacing (as long as you can iron on your fabric) to cover the rough areas.


You know I love videos, so I took little snippets of video as I was actually stitching out the design on the garment. It’s not too long, only about 2 minutes, and you can see where I personalized the threads I used to fit what I wanted.


Once it was all done, I finished assembling the skirt, and here is the final product! My daughter loves it, and can’t wait to wear it!


I hope you enjoyed learning some basics of your Janome Skyline 9 Sewing & Embroidery Machine.

Until next time,



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