A New Look At Sergers: Part 2 – Quilting With Your Serger.

To help celebrate National Serger Month, today’s post will focus on getting the most out of your serger by using it in a different way, for a different application than we’ve traditionally been accustomed. Sergers aren’t just for finishing seams in garments. Specifically, we’ll look at using a serger for quilts. Yes! Quilts!

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The quilt pictured below was pieced entirely on the serger. I use the fabulous Janome XG-43D, which is a fantastic, budget-friendly and easy to use entry-level serger.

Janome Checkers Clasp Sitches #2

Strip-piecing is ridiculously quick and easy with a serger. Stitching twice as fast as most domestic sewing machines, I made the checkerboard for the centre of the quilt in less than 15 minutes!

How about piecing a Log Cabin Quilt? The simple straight seams would be done in a flash on the serger. The 3 thread narrow stitch program gives a seam very close to a quilter’s 1/4 inch seam! How clever is that?

I found this photo below, and LOTS of inspirational ideas and information from my talented colleagues at Janome America. https://www.janome.com/en/blog/day-33—100-quilt-blocks-in-50-days/, but of course, as many of you know, another terrific source of information is our very own Janome Life blog! Type “Serger” in the search box to view all the previous posts related to the serger.

Now, don’t think that sergers are just for functional seaming, or seam finishing. Even the decorative multi-colour yarn of my quilt (which was created as a picnic play blanket for the kids) was sewn (couched) to the quilt with the serger.

Janome Checkers Serger Couching #4 in action

Janome Checkers AcuFil Quilting Tools #2

This quilt was one of the fun projects from last summer’s Janome Look Book, which is another excellent resource for information and inspiration. There’s step-by-step instructions on the specifics of couching with the serger. starting on Page 19.

Basically, the trick is to take advantage of some of the fun and super-useful specialty feet available for the serger. I used the Beading Foot which has a groove to the right of the foot which allows for a string of pearls, sequins, beads, or in this case, some fuzzy yarn, to pass through easily while the looper threads secures them to the edge of the fabric.

Janome Checkers Serger Couching #1 Beading Foot used to couch yarn onto the edges of the blanket

Janome Checkers Serger Couching #2 Beading Foot Close -up Couching yarn to the left of the knife blade

The needles are to the left of this groove so they do not go through whatever kind of trim you are attaching; they go up next to it, so you can quickly and easily and safely attach a variety of decorative elements to your project. In the photo above I left the knife blade up, but you could lower that to avoid cutting your trim. As always, consult your instruction manual for specifics.

Janome Checkers Serger Couching #5 Yarn Couching set-up

Visit your fabulous local Janome Dealer to give one of our sergers a test drive and/or to ask about what specialty feet and attachments are available for your model.

In my next post I’ll continue to focus on using your serger for quilting, specifically to assemble a T-Shirt quilt.

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