Have you found it tricky to sew around tight curves and small spaces with a large open toe foot? Mmmmm…..not so easy is it? Well, Janome to the rescue as we have just the foot for this: our Janome applique foot AP. This is a very popular and much loved optional accessory which is available for 7mm and 9mm machines. Ask your local Janome authorized dealer for further information about this invaluable foot.


Notice that the foot is short and “stubby” which means it is so much easier to negotiate tight curves and manuever around corners and so on. It is a clear plastic foot which gives visibility so you can see the edge of the applique to position your stitches accordingly.

Here is a link to great information about using our Janome applique foot. 

A simple flower shape  – however you will find the Applique foot so much easier to navigate around these curves that it would be with a foot which is longer and/or metal so visibility is reduced.

Now, who said applique needs to be done only with a satin/zig-zag stitch or blanket/applique stitch? Not at all……use an array of different decorative stitches to stitch over the edge of your applique. Experiment and find your favourites. Below: we  stitched with little stars along the edge of a star.

Here is an apple with one of our machine applique stitches:

The humble blanket stitch

Do you have an applique project to complete?

Why don’t you give the Janome Applique foot AP a try? 

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