New Open-Toe Free Motion Foot for the Janome MC9400

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There’s a new free motion foot in town: the open-toe PD-H foot!

If you’re wondering why the PD-H foot or darning foot is included in the Accessory Upgrade Kit for the Janome MC9400, let me explain. If you aren’t familiar with the recently released Accessory Upgrade Kit,  you can learn about it here.

Janome 9400 Upgrade Kit box

While it looks very similar to the original PD-H foot that came with the Janome MC9400, there is a big difference: it’s an open-toe foot. If you don’t know what this means and why you should be excited about it, read on.

Janome 9400 PD-H foot

When you first look at the new PD-H darning or free motion foot, you might not really notice how it differs from the original PD-H foot. Upon closer inspection you will see that  there is a cut out at the front of the foot between the two red lines. This is what I mean by calling it an “open-toe” foot. As there is an open gap at the front of the foot, it provides better visibility when using it.

Janome PD-H foot comparison

The PD-H foot has always been my go-to foot when free motion quilting and I can see how this new open-toe foot will make free motion quilting even easier as I will have excellent visibility of my stitching path when using it. If you are a sewist, you will also find it easier to see what you are sewing when using it for darning or other applications.

When I use the PD-H foot for free motion quilting, I like to use the stitches in the Quilting area under the Sewing Application icon. You won’t notice a difference on your display screen once you have upgraded your Janome MC9400. You will, however, notice a difference in how well you can see your stitching with the open-toe PD-H foot.

To get the best results when using the open-toe PD-H foot on your Janome MC9400, I would suggest that you use the “blue dot” bobbin holder or case that you can purchase as an additional accessory. This bobbin holder has a looser tension setting which makes it perfect to use when free motion quilting to avoid having the bobbin thread showing on top of your project. Check with your local Janome dealer about purchasing the “blue dot” bobbin holder.

Janome blue dot bobbin case 2

Check out my recent blogpost about the open-toe PD-H foot for more information.

This Free motion PD-H open toe foot is also available in the Quilting Upgrade kit for Janome Mc15000 which became available last Fall 2017 as well as in a separate blister pack. Please ask your local authorized Janome dealer to show you this useful foot.

Happy stitching from Kim Jamieson-Hirst,  Janome Canada Artisan in Calgary, AB.

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