While doing a demo at  a local sewing show, I was using the Janome Memory Craft 500E embroidery only machine.  This is a wonderful embroidery machine that can create designs in all sizes of hoops from small to extra large.  The largest hoop for the Janome MC 500E machine is almost as large as the GR hoop for the Janome Horizon MC15000 machine.  This is a great alternative to people who go to retreats and want to embroider while away from home.  The Janome MC 500E is smaller and weighs considerably less and is therefore more portable.

MC500E-Flower Emb-SM


Janome Canada is a sponsor of the Canadian Quilter’s Association National Quilt Canada Show.  One of the many events that will take place this year at the show is a Postcard Challenge which is a fundraiser for support of the B.C. Children’s Hospital.  The event is sponsored by Cindy’s Threadworks.  Since I was at a show doing demo’s on the Janome Memory Craft 500E machine,  I decided to create Postcards in the embroidery hoop as my demo and then donated them to the Postcard challenge.  The challenge is to create nature based designs on postcards.  I let my nature fabrics be my focal point of my postcards to donate to this worthy cause.

I needed a postcard stitch file to create the postcard designs for the CQA show.  This was easily created in my Artistic Digtizer software program.  I simply used the shape tool to create a rectangle that was 4 x 6 inches in size.  I created four copies of the shape–3 were a running stitch outline and 1 was a satin stitch outline to finish the edge of my postcard.

artistic digitizer

Here is how I embroidered the design step by step-

  1.  Hoop tearaway stabilizer only in the hoop and stitch the first running stitch outline.  This is my placement line.  Remove the hoop from the machine
  2.   Using stabilizer (like Timtex/Peltex or something similar pre-cut into 4 x 6 inches) place it into the outline stitched and secure it in place with a glue stick or spray adhesive.  Now cover the stabilizer with a piece of fabric at least 5 x 7 inches in size to completely cover the stabilizer.  Return the hoop to the machine.
  3.  Stitch the next outline stitch.  This will adhere your top fabric and postcard stabilizer to the tearaway stabilizer.  Remove the hoop from the machine.
  4. Place another piece of fabric at least 5 x 7 inches onto the back of the hoop with a glue stitck or adhesive spray making sure you have covered the previous stitch outlines.  Return the hoop to the machine making sure your backing fabric does not move or fold over when placing the hoop onto the machine.
  5. Stitch the next line of stitches.  This will adhere the backing fabric to the post card.  Remove the hoop from the machine.  Trim away the excess fabric from both the front and the back of the design.
  6.  Return the hoop with the trimmed fabrics back onto the machine.  Stitch the final satin stitch to finish off the edges of the post card perfectly.  Remove the design from the tear away stabilizer.
  7. Write a note on the back of the postcard for the person who will be receiving it with a permanent pen.

There are many variations to making this postcard design. Use your imagination and add machine embroidery or decorative beading to the front of your card for extra embellishment.


From left: Karen – CQA Regionnal Rep; Liz – Janome & Elna National Education Manager; Cindy from Cindy’s Threadworks, and Yvonne – Janome Educator and postcard digitizer & maker!






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I have been sewing my entire life. I love sewing of all types but recently I have focused on quilting and machine embroidery. I am an educator for quilting and embroidery design software and I own and operate a machine embroidery club that teaches students how to use their machine effectively while creating their own unique projects. I love travel and getting to know people from different regions and seeing how they create projects with their machines.
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