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Sewing with knits

What’s that saying about when you are afraid of something, just dive right in? I feel that way about sewing with knits. For a long time, I avoided it. Or I’d do a project here and there and put my … Continue reading

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You can construct your own creative embroidery designs with Artistic Digitizer software and the fonts built into your font folder on your computer.  Not all text is letters.  You may have a font that is images or symbols rather than … Continue reading

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Educator Pick of the month: Ruler work Kit

Well, I am just so pleased with the rulers in our Janome Ruler work kit. They have been so well selected that you can do one heck of a lot of ruler quilting showing great variety. The kit comes with … Continue reading

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Janome Education Summit

I was fortunate to recently attend a Janome Education Summit in New Jersey not far from our Janome North America office.  This was for Janome North America Educators; Artisans and bloggers.   I attended together with  Debbie (our Director of Marketing … Continue reading

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Janome Canada is looking for…….. possibly you?

Janome Canada is looking to hire an independent contractor for BC: We need a part time Education Coordinator. This is a position based in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, BC as commuting on a part time basis to our Delta, … Continue reading

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Part 1 in our new series on ARTISTIC DIGITIZER: Fabulous Fonts

Text on computers is usually referred to as being ‘fonts’.  The fonts can be letters, numbers, or images stored in our font folder on our computer.  Artisitc Digitizer can read any font in your computer font folder.  Artistitc Digtizer also … Continue reading

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Another delightful project from Sherri over at Thread Ridinghood

Summer fun at camp: embroidered pillow case with secret Glow-in-the-dark thread message. Sherri over at Thread Ridinghood is known to many of our regular janomelife viewers….she is one of our Janome Canada Artisans and we have become accustomed to her … Continue reading

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There is more than just one Janome beading foot! We have a wide and a narrow one depending on the size of cord/beading string being used + we have a beading feet for 7mm wide stitch machines and for 9mm wide … Continue reading

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Look Who I Ran Into!

The wonderful thing about the sewing/quilting world is that in spite of being a global, MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR business, it really is quite a small industry. It’s such a joy for me to travel anywhere in the world with Janome and … Continue reading

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The HP Foot and Needle Plate for the Janome MC9400; MC15000 AND MC6700P

One of my favourite combinations on the Janome MC9400 is the HP foot and needle plate. As a quilter, I value the ability of a sewing machine to make a good straight stitch and a perfect 1/4″ seam. I get … Continue reading

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