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There is more than just one Janome beading foot! We have a wide and a narrow one depending on the size of cord/beading string being used + we have a beading feet for 7mm wide stitch machines and for 9mm wide stitch machines + we have beading feet for our sergers too!


Lots of options and creative possibilities – Check out these great links:

  1. Find all the applicable part #’s as well as a video to watch
  2. And this one has more beading foot info

Pic courtesy of sew4Home.com

The beauty of this foot is actually quite simple: the groove on the underside of the foot guides the string of beads or cord or yarn as you stitch a simple zig-zag stitch over top. The size of the zig-zag stitch is determined by the size of the yarn or beading being used. And the colour of the thread for the zig-zag is a personal preference: blending or contrast?  Essentially all you are doing is couching the beads or yarn/cord on top of your fabric. It would be impossible or very difficult to do this successfully without this foot. Good tools make all the difference!

Pic courtesy of sew4Home.com

The beading foot letter is L – L1 is the narrow beading foot and L2 is the wider one.


“rat tail” cord works very well together with the beading foot for all sorts of great embellishment techniques on quilts, clothing, wall hangings, etc

Pic courtesy of sew4Home.com

Here is another use for the beading foot: for Gathering. Have you ever tried to gather stiff fabric like corduroy or denim? Not easy is it? Why not try this: Use a narrow cord like thin string or similar, strong 12wt thread  or even thick dental floss and run a zig-zag stitch over it while guiding the cord with the groove under the L1/narrow beading foot. When done, pull the cord up and space out your gathers. Works really well for those thicker, not-so-easy-to-gather fabrics.

Want to use your serger to add strings of beads or cords? Our Janome sergers offer similar optional accessories for applying strings of beads and cords – see below.

What creative couching ideas can you think of to put our Janome beading feet to good use?

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