Sharing the Janome Love

As part of my job as Educator with Janome, I love that I travel far and wide to share the Janome love. It’s so fun, rewarding and inspiring to me to meet fellow Janome fans and users. After-all, YOU are the reason why I’m here!

While helping out our fabulous Janome dealer, Dominque of Excelle in the booth at the Courtepointe Quebec show, I met a lovely lady, Marielle Poirier, who had two quilts on display at the show.

Marielle is a sweet, dynamic women; a woman of a particular age, who told me of her life-long passion for sewing and creating and who proudly stated that her quilts in the show were sewn and quilted on her much-loved Janome 4120QDC.



I loved the folksy, home-spun feel of this quilt and I thought her free-motion quilting complimented that beautifully.  The extension table included with the Janome 4120QDC was ideal to help support the weight of the quilt, especially when moving in multiple directions while free-motion quilting.


If you look closely, the quilting it isn’t “perfect”. Nor does it need to be. This is a quilt to be used, to be loved, and Marielle shared with me her love and her joy in creating it. She was proud of her efforts, and so she should be.


Marielle also shared with me her various health concerns, which included shoulder surgery, resulting in limited use of one arm. Within minutes of meeting her, however, I could tell that this feisty, dynamic lady didn’t let anything, including limited mobility issues stand in her way from having fun and doing what her heart desired. She loves quilting and creating and wasn’t going to let anything stop her, including that elusive image of perfection. BRAVO!

How many of us have shied away from doing something, in this case from free-motion quilting, or from entering a quilt show, because we were worried our skills and the results wouldn’t be up to par; wouldn’t be “perfect”? I know I’ve been guilty of that.

Marielle’s other quilt on display was a tribute to her family as she collected signatures of her siblings. (she’s from a family of 14) This quilt is also special because it was Marielle’s first attempt at free-motion quilting with her Janome 4120QDC.



Many users tell me they love their Janome 4120QDC because it’s lightweight and easy to take to class or retreats, but in Marielle’s case, she uses her machine at home full-time. It can easily take on whatever project she chooses.

The Courtepointe Quebec show runs every two years so I’m quite confident I’ll see more quilts from Marielle at that next show. I can’t wait! I was so taken with her quilts and we were so busy chatting that I neglected to take a photo of HER! I’m sorry, Marielle! Next time for sure!

What will you create with your Janome machine today?


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As Janome Canada's National Consumer Education Manager, I'm SEW excited to share my love of sewing, quilting and all things creative with everyone at our fabulous new Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON. Have an idea for a class, or to be put onto our mailing list, E-mail me at
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2 Responses to Sharing the Janome Love

  1. I will be making a lovely pair of knit shorts with my Elna780 today. The pattern I’m working with, as it happens, is by a worldwide appreciated pattern company out of Quebec called, “Jalie”! Couldn’t recommend these unique sewing patterns more highly. Always a great fit and a huge range in sizing from children to adult, men and women’s.


  2. Sandra Hearn says:

    I have just finished a table topper called a new spin on Old Glory. I have a 6700 Janome. And I used my walking foot for the first time to do spiral quilting on this circular table topper. It came out wonderful. I freestyle quilted a star in the center. I had been having trouble with my binding and discovered that my walking fit helps me to sew it down straight. I love my Janome.


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