Glad you asked that: Will the Janome “ruler” foot work on my machine?

Pic courtesy of Amy’s Free Motion Quilting Adventures

For a long time we have been asked this: “Will that ruler foot work on my machine?” And this is even more so lately as Michael, Erin, Yvonne and I have been traveling around Canada doing Rule your Quilt and Reign over your Sewing events this Spring.  However, we did not manage to get to all the Janome stores this Spring (no kidding…Canada is a big country!) so we may be doing some more of these popular presentations in the Fall. Please be sure to check with your local Janome authorized dealer if we might be coming to your area sometime soon? Ask if they can arrange a “Rule your Quilt and reign over your sewing” event with one of our Janome educators.

So I figured this often repeated question was a very good one to add to our “Glad you asked that” series.

Beautiful quilt quilted with the Janome “ruler” foot  – Pic courtesy of Amy’s Free Motion Quilting Adventures

We have 2 different systems for doing ruler quilting on our domestic sewing machines. Yes, our longarm, the Janome QMP18, has its own system for ruler quilting but we will focus on what we use for our Janome domestic sewing machines today:

  1. The Convertible Free motion foot set + “ruler” foot attachment.



This is the ruler foot attachment which is Part #767434005. It is an optional accessory and does not come included with any of our Janome or Elna sewing machine models

This Convertible free motion foot set (in the big pic) above comes included with some of our machine models eg the Horizon MC7700; Horizon MC8900; Horizon MC8200 and MC6700P. So you would not need to buy this foot if you have one of these models.  All you would need to do is add the “ruler foot” attachment which is part #767434005.

If this Convertible free motion foot does not come included with your machine model, and your machine does not have auto presser foot lift, then you would need to purchase it as an optional accessory. Please check before buying it whether you have a HIGH or LOW shank machine as you will need to buy the correct set of feet. There are also different sets for 7mm and 9mm machine models so it is best to check with your dealer so you purchase the correct one for your machine model.

For ruler work, use the spring loaded foot marked with the yellow arrow in the pic above and then attach the ruler work attachment shown in the smaller pic under that. Now you are ready to ruler quilt!

2. The QR foot  is used together with the Ruler work section in the Sewing Applications menu on the Janome MC15000 Quilt Maker or the Janome MC9400. The QR foot with its accompanying firmware upgrade is only compatible with these 2 machine models at this time.

QR ruler foot for MC15000 and MC9400

Please note: 

  1. The Convertible Free Motion foot set may be used with ALL our high and low shank model machines (7mm  or 9mm models) which do NOT have automatic presser foot lift or Pivot function. It is  NOT recommended for use with any of our machines which have automatic presser foot lift (MC12000, Skyline S7; Skyline S9)
  2. The QR foot is recommended for our Mc15000 and MC9400 only at this time.

You may wish to ask your local Janome dealer about our wonderful Janome Ruler work kit (see this link for further information) to use with either #1 or #2 above depending on what Janome machine model you have.

Pic courtesy of Amys Free Motion Quilting Adventures


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