Quilt-as-you-go Table Runner Made Easy with the Janome AcuFeed Flex System

Janome artisanI recently had to whip up a quick project to celebrate a special friend’s 60th birthday and decided to make her a QAYG table runner using the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9400 QCP. If you don’t know what “QAYG” stands for, it means “quilt as you go” and refers to a specific quilting technique. It allows you to quilt your project as you are piecing/stitching the top, so rather than making a quilt top and then layering it with batting and backing before quilting it, you assemble all of the layers and quilt them at the same time. It’s a quick way to put a project together and was just the technique I needed to create this particular project in record time.

QAYG in progress close up

Piecing and quilting the table runner

Since I didn’t have much time (I know, my bad, but that’s how I often roll!), I picked out some fabrics in a colour theme she would like and created an improvisational log cabin table runner. When I make these types of projects, I usually just do straight or wavy quilting on them – again, since it’s so fast to do. I used two features on the Janome MC9400 to make the quilting on the table runner super easy: the AcuFeed Flex system and the optional AcuFeed Foot with Foot Holder (Single), with the foot identification lettering: VD foot. You can read more about how the AcuFeed Flex system works in this blog post.

Since I was quilting the whole quilt sandwich as I was creating the table runner top, I wanted to be sure that the backing wouldn’t be scrunched up when I was finished. While I would usually baste the layers together, for this project I layered the batting and backing together and then just started adding fabric strips on top. After piecing two strips together I then quilted a wavy or straight line on top. I didn’t baste any of the layers together before I began this process and the AcuFeed Flex system moved the top layers and the backing along at the same rate and there wasn’t any scrunching or shifting of the layers. I was confident that the AcuFeed Flex system would be perfect for this QAYG method and it didn’t let me down!

Cheryl's QAYG table runner front & back

Top finished and bound and a view of the quilt back

The optional Janome VD foot, which is narrower than the Acufeed Flex Dual Feed Holder with AD Foot that comes with the Janome MC 9400 machine, made it very easy to echo my quilting lines. I didn’t have to measure over a specific distance from my stitched line, mark a stitching line, and then stitch it: I just used the edge of my Janome VD foot as a guide. I would quilt a line, then line up the edge of the Janome VD foot along this stitched line and stitch the next line. Again, this was a real time saver for creating this project.

Janome VD foot

The AcuFeed Foot with Foot Holder (Single) – VD foot

Thanks to the AcuFeed Flex system and the AcuFeed Foot with Foot Holder (Single), I was able to make this table runner in just a few hours. It probably took me longer to choose each fabric strip and cut it to the desired width and length than it did to do the actual piecing and quilting!

Cheryl's QAYG table runner VD foot

Adding quilting to the QAYG table runner

The end result was a beautiful gift with stitching ease in every step.

Cheryl's QAYG table runner full


If you are interested in getting an AcuFeed Foot with Foot Holder (Single) for your Janome MC9400 machine or any other Janome machine that has the AcuFeed Flex system, do check with your local dealer.

For more information on the Janome MC9400 sewing machine, visit my Chatterbox Quilts’ YouTube channel.

Happy stitching from Kim Jamieson-Hirst, a Janome Canada Artisan in Calgary, AB.

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Quilting teacher, host at Chatterbox Quilts and The Quilter's Way, inspiring and encouraging quilters through education.
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  1. Katherine says:


    No pattern. 🙁. Are the written instruction posted online for this lovely table runner? Thank you!


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Katherine,
      I am not sure but you could contact Kim at Chatterbox Quilts to see if she made it “ad lib” sort of thing or used a pattern.



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