Janome Foot of the month: Blind Hem foot G

This month we are not “tempting” you to buy an optional accessory foot. No….. we are reminding you what your G foot is to be used for: the BLIND HEM foot comes included with nearly all of our Janome machines.  We have this foot for 7mm and 9mm machines. (Plus we also have an adjustable blind hem foot which is an optional accessory if you might wish to have additional features added to this very practical and functional foot. See end of this post for more.)

Please look in your accessory box or where you keep your machine feet and pull out your G foot.

Don’t be tempted to think this is your Ditch Quilting foot. NO, it is not a Ditch Quilting foot as it has a small piece of metal in the middle which is integral to the making of a blind hem but could interfere with ditch quilting. (The Ditch Quilting foot, BTW,  is the S foot and is not included in most of our machines…only a couple like the Special Edition Canada 150 model – which is incidentally totally sold out – added this foot as a bonus)

Do you want an invisible hemline? Use this foot to provide accuracy and neat, flawless results.

  1. Attach the Blind hem foot G to your machine.
  2. Select the blind hem stitch which looks like this – straight , straight, straight, zig-zag…. 
  3. Turn up your hem the required amount and finger press or hold with clover clips.
  4. Turn the fabric over and bring the top towards you as you create an “s” fold in the fabric leaving 1/4 – 3/8 of an inch exposed – as in pic below:

5. Place the fabric wrong side up under the needle & foot with the fabric fold up against the guide on the Blind Hem foot.

6. Lower the presser foot and turn the hand wheel towards you to see where the needle drops. It should barely “catch” the edge of the fold with the swing of the zig-zag . If it catches too much fabric, you will see the stitching on the right side. If too little, then the hem may not be very secure so a bit like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears: it needs to be “just right”.  The straight stitches go onto the turn up of the hem and wont be seen on the front.

7. Sew all the way along your hemline for a great invisible hem.


  • When sewing a blind hem, be sure to look at the guide on the foot and not at the needle otherwise the right swing of the needle may not hit the fold of the fabric.
  • The fabric and thread choice does play a part in the success of this technique: Try to match your thread colour as close to the fabric colour as possible or use invisible thread/monofilament. You will find that thicker fabrics such as knits, suiting, coat fabrics, etc give better results than very thin or sheer fabrics.
  • When sewing on lightweight fabrics, choose a finer thread and needle to create an “invisible” hem.
  • To reduce the amount of stretch when sewing a blind hem with knit fabrics, chnage the foot pressure to 2.

Adjustable Blind hem foot – This is an optional accessory foot – please ask your local Jnaome dealer for more information but here are some pics showing how the little silver wheel lets you fine tune the position of the guide which rides along the edge of the hem fold. This gives you more ability to drop your blind hem stitches exactly where you want them.

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