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At the beginning of June, I made my first solo trip into the BC Okanagan, where I visited Anderson Sewing Center in Kamloops. After a brief torrential downpour, and some technical difficulties with my computer, we had a blast learning about Ruler Quilting. The ladies at Anderson’s are definitely knowledgeable about their Janomes, and can answer any question you throw at them!

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Next was Findlay’s vacuum & Sewing  in Vernon. It was so close to my hotel, which was lovely and I was able to meet some more ladies and show them my samples and techniques. We had a great day learning about the Janome MC 15000 and Ruler Quilting. Findlay’s Vacuum and Sewing is full of Janome’s and their accessories, so they can for sure help you out with your foot and accessory needs in the Vernon area.

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Last but not least, I visited Linda’s Quilt Shoppe in Kelowna. I did arrive in a “hot mess”, lol, as I had miscalculated the length of time it takes to get from Vernon to Kelowna. Fortunately all of the attendees were understanding and patient with me, and asked me lots of great questions. I so enjoyed spending my day with them, teaching about the Janome MC15000 and ruler quilting. And then the next day, we spent some time discovering what the Janome Quilt Maker Pro Long-arm can deliver for quilters.  My goodness, that was fun! Everyone had a chance to practice their name, some pantograph work and then some free motion doodling to see how a long arm quilter moves across a quilt. Linda’s Quilt Shoppe also has a great selection of fabric, patterns and notions. If you are Kelowna-bound this summer, make sure to plan a visit there!

At the end of my trip to British Columbia, I had an opportunity to check out a local yarn festival ( I love to knit) and that was a real treat. Knitting adds such flavor to my creative soul, because I can keep creating even tho my sewing machine is at home.


And I also have become very adept at travelling in little planes! The only way in and out of Kelowna from Calgary is in a tiny 40 seater plane. But I have to tell you, the landings on those little planes are way smoother!  I can’t wait to go back to the Okanagan and see how everyone is coming along with their skills and techniques with their Janome machines.


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3 Responses to More travels with Janomegirl

  1. Gail Summerfelt says:

    I was at your demonstration in Vernon,and found it very informative. You had an embroidered Bee with you that I want to try did you use organza as the backing? Thank You


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Gail,

      Erin tells me that she stitched the monochrome design bee in the MC15000 twice: once on organza and one with regular fabric. She would have used a good medium weight stabilizer for both. Washaway for the organza as it is transparent and tearaway for the fabric. Hope that helps you.



  2. Jean says:

    Missed you in the Okanagan but I agree the small planes land nicely. Maybe you can come to Edmonton again this fall.


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