It is very useful to see all the little details on the work space when digitizing.  Artistic Digitizer helps me to change my point of view so I can see clearly.  Using the icons at the top of the screen when on the open work space, I can change the settings.

Note this applique design created in Artistic Digitizer:  It has the outer edge stitches for the applique and an auto digitized design from clip art in the Artistic Digitzer software.  The two elements were merged together onto one work space.

view merged desgins.jpg

I like to see the individual steps to create the design.  I also am distracted by the background graph/grid.  This can be changed easily.

Click on the ‘view’ icon view iconat the top of the screen.  In the drop down menu, choose grid > uncheck the ‘show’ by clicking on it to turn it off.  This  view is much easier to see all the elements in relation to each other and the colors of the design without the grid colors and lines distracting me.

view without grid lines

It is also useful to see the sequence ( stitch order) of the embroidery elements.  The default for the program is set to ‘auto’ and shows in the sequence box at the right with all the elements in one space.

sequence box

To change this look, click on the ‘auto’ icon at the top of the screen.  This will change the view to manual.

auto sequence icon              manual sequence icon

Now in the sequence box at the right we can see each individual step of the embroidery design  and the order in which it will stitch.  This allows me to select a single step of the design by clicking on it in the sequence box and editing it however we want.

manual sequence box view

This view is easier to see and select each one to edit the individual elements.  If there are a lot of elements, you may need to scroll  down in the sequence box to see all the steps the design will take to embroider your masterpiece.



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