Educator Pick of the month: Scissors

Where do we start? Not an easy blog to start writing as there are SO many scissors out there – many designed for different and specific purposes.  Perhaps the best place to start would be my go-to-over-&-over again scissors? I simply could not manage without the following pairs of scissors:

<<BTW before we start, allow me to indulge my language teaching history: there is no such grammatically correct thing as “a scissor” –  as in the singular. That would not get me very far as it would be one half of a broken pair of scissors! Still hear it occasionally so thought I’d throw that in. Same goes for a pair of pants/trousers but perhaps I should not get too carried away?!>>



  1. A good, sharp pair of dressmaking shears – for cutting out my garments

2. A sharp pair of curved embroidery snips – for snipping machine embroidery threads

3. A sharp pair of small scissors for general thread snipping. Could be the same as #2 although I prefer straight scissors for non-embroidery snipping.



Yes well…what can I say… mugs make very good collection holders!!

Now I know there are all sorts of other pairs of scissors available and I will have you know I’m somewhat of a collector (see pic above). But as with many collectors: do we actually use all of what our collection has to offer us? In my case, No, not really. I stick with my top 3 listed above and honestly probably would not really miss the rest. Now mind you that is my opinion……For example, I sold both my pairs of duck billed applique scissors some time back as I did not like them and consequently never used them. But the 2 people who bought them at a bargain price (one was a Gingher and my friend who bought that pair told me I was barking mad for selling them…but she scored!)


4. And I do try not to use my good dressmaking shears on paper garment patterns so I do have a pair of big “paper” scissors which are not terribly special as I know they will blunt quite quickly cutting paper. Pretty much any old pair will do for this purpose.

TIP #1: Don’t use serrated scissors on paper. You will probably struggle to find someone who will be prepared to sharpen a pair of serrated scissors and if you do find someone, they should tell you that sharpening grinds away the serrated edge…..rather defeats the object of serration I think. However, I DO have a serrated pair of shears and I totally love them for cutting knit fabrics as the fabric does not slip nearly as much as with non-serrated scissors.

TIP #2: Have a pair of your favourite scissors on or within reach of all your sewing work areas.  I get easily irritated if I mislay items while I’m on a creative roll so I ensure I have more than 1 pair of the types of scissors above. I have one #2 or #3 at my sewing machine, another the same at my serger & CPX; and another on my ironing board. Incidentally, I do the very same thing with magnetic pin cushions and Clover clip “bowls” as I can’t be bothered with hunting around for pins etc when I need them. Yes, I know I could hang the scissors around my neck but I have stabbed myself in the belly or leg once too often to like that option. Not joking.  And I have tried wrist pin cushions and I’m not a fan. So I just duplicate pin cushions and scissors around my sewing room and I’m a happy girl.

TIP#3: Hide your very special scissors away when your little ones come to visit. Mine love crafting. And I love them but they know which scissors they may use on paper and card stock and which ones are Nanna’s special ones and can only be used by Nanna for fabric!

What is your very favourite pair of Janome scissors?

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6 Responses to Educator Pick of the month: Scissors

  1. Mary Galea says:

    I just LOVE this simple and very clear explanation. I too didn’t know Janome makes scissors. My dealer doesn’t have them, but I’m sure he would order them in. (Don’t know if they’re available in Australia?)
    Just an aside – wouldn’t a “scissor” be a knife…? LOL


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Mary,

      Im sorry but I am not sure whether JAnome Australia carries scissors or not. But your dealer can sure check on that for you.
      Let’s go with a knife?! Certainly a weapon!



  2. Joan Inkster-Smith says:

    I’d love a pair of duck bills! I use my little curved snips all the time—they hang nicely on a lanyard around my neck so they’re always handy.


  3. Great post, Liz! And I love all your helpful tips — especially for just duplicating the scissors around your room rather than risk injury! That’s GOOD advice! 😉


  4. jrp53 says:

    I must have been under a rock for a while because I did not even know that Janome made and sold scissors! I have a favorite pair of teeny tiny really sharp curved snippers that seem to walk everywhere with me and they live in my “to-go” sewing kit when I’m not using them. I use them for snipping threads on the top of my quilts and the sides of blocks before they get pieced together, but they are not Janomes.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Yes, we have sold scissors for as long as I remember. Sorry you did not know. Please ask your local Jnaome dealer to show you what we have!



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