Fall Creativ Festival shows in Western Canada

During the month of September, I had the privilege of attending the Alberta Creativ Festival in Edmonton and Calgary.

I had no idea that so much work was involved in setting up the Janome booth! In Edmonton, we worked with Johnson’s Sewing Center and their amazing staff. It was a pleasure to teach people about our line of machines, from basic models for beginners all the way to our top of the line , the Janome Horizon MC15000 Quilt Maker.   The venue in Sherwood Park, just east of Edmonton,  was awesome with lots of space for all the unique booths, delicious onsite food and more. And of course, I shopped. It had been a little while since I had an opportunity to browse and see what was new in the quilting world, and I’m so glad I did. One of the kits I picked up is a gorgeous laser cut applique kit of an elephant and some sparkly linen fabric for the background, look for a future blog post about this project and hand look quilting!

The Creativ Festival in Calgary was equally impressive. I noticed that there was a focus on machine embroidery, and we certainly had all of our embroidery machines going in the Sewing World booth. I got to work with Michelle from the Sewing World North store. She is a new staff member and was happy I could tell her about our machines. Did you know that we have three machines currently that can do embroidery? The 500E (which is an  embroidery only model), the Horizon MC15000 Quiltmaker  and the Skyline S9. Click the links to find out more info on these machines.


If you had a chance to stop by the Calgary show, you would have seen my awesome Janome Red cowboy boots, which fit in perfectly at the venue: Spruce Meadows, just south of Calgary. Although it was a chilly weekend, we still had lots of fun and learning about what our Janome machines can do for your sewing life. I was able to do a bit more shopping in Calgary too, and picked up the latest Alison Glass fabric from Fabriculous. It’s destined to be a jelly roll rug, and I have a feeling that the Janome piping foot will be awesome for it.


The Creativ Festival has so much “scope for the imagination” ( in the words of Anne Shirley), and I hope you get a chance to attend one of these shows soon. Creativ Festival Fall in Mississauga, Ontario is coming up next month: 11-13 October.  The 2019 show dates are already posted to their website……… so you can start making plans to attend.


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  1. Valdine says:

    Please tell me how much is the Janome MC15000?

    Thank you

    Valdine Michaud



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