Spotlight on our Janome Specialty Presser Feet PART 1

Though our Janome sewing machines come with a fabulous array of presser feet; one of our “entry level” models, the Janome 1122 SVU, for example, comes with an impressive 8 feet! The research and development team at Janome is always listening to consumers and providing us with more in order to help fulfill our sewing needs.

Janome presser feet are some of the most economically priced in the market, so it’s definitely worth getting a foot, or feet, which will save you time, make the task easier and give you more professional results.

Sure, you could use a Janome Zipper foot (Foot E) to make piping, for example, but a dedicated Piping foot (Foot I) makes the job quicker and easier with fantastic results.


The key to its success? The two grooves in the bottom of the foot allow the cord or yarn or whatever you use for the filler of the piping, to easily pass through while stitching. NO need to tug and pull the fabric. Perfect! Click on this link for a tutorial on piping, as well be sure to check out our friends at Sew 4 Home who’ve prepared a ton of projects and tips on sewing piping, as well as many of Janome’s specialty presser feet.

Janome has thought of everything by providing detailed instructions on the back of the blister pack, as they do for ALL of the specialty presser feet and attachments.


Below is just a small sampling of the bundle of specialty presser feet I took home from the office to play with. There’s a foot for every need, every task. I like keeping all the feet in their blister packs as it’s easier for me to organize them (in alphabetical order) and it helps me find them, especially when I’m sewing in hurry……. Who isn’t these days?!


A visit to your local Janome dealer will allow you to “oh” and “aah” over many of the Janome specialty presser feet available for your machine. New ones often become available on the market. If your local Janome dealer possibly does not have one in stock, they can always order it in for you.

A good tip I learned from a very wise Janome user is to take your machine manual or a photocopy of some of the relevant pages which has the description and diagrams of what came with your machine. This will help tremendously to ensure you get the proper feet for your machine. You could also find your machine on the website and look under Optional Accessories to see what is available for your machine model.

Since I’m often working on several projects at once, I try to stay organized by hanging the Janome specialty presser feet I’m working with at the time from a magnetic bull-dog clip, which is stuck to the side of the metal drawer units under my sewing table. This way I can TRY to keep the top of my sewing table clear and the feet won’t accidentally fall into the garbage pail while laying loose on the table. Ask me how I know this – LOL!


Now, I know what you’re thinking; you already have a lot of these Janome specialty presser and you haven’t seen those blister pack instructions  in years. How do you use that foot?! Or, perhaps you just came back from your dealer’s with your arms full of new goodies, but your head is spinning from all the information they gave you and you can’t remember a thing. Happens to us all! But again…….  never fear. Janome to the rescue! Our next post on this topic has very good news about an excellent resource to assist you…..stay tuned for Part 2 about Specialty Feet on 28 November.

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5 Responses to Spotlight on our Janome Specialty Presser Feet PART 1

  1. Giuliana says:

    Yay. I just got a foot and no one really knows how to use it. I would have called it a Chenille foot, but I think Janome calls it something else, it has a little brush to rough up the fabric with it. Cheers.


    • lizafrica says:


      I think you might be referring to the Brush out foot? It looks a little like a free motion foot but couches down yarn which you then brush out/fluff up with the brush?



  2. Holy cow — you are a genius! I LOVE the magnetic bull dog clip idea! Well done. I’m so glad you have also reminded us of the value of that fantastic piping foot. I need to get mine out and play with it soon! Thanks for sharing some fantastic ideas this morning.


  3. rosemary mcdougall says:

    I have the mc15000 and there are so many feet just wondering if Janome makes a book just of the feet which would be so helpful thank you


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Rosemary,

      Yes, we do. I referred to the Presser Foot Workbook in this blog post – this can be ordered from your dealer. It has several different parts; part 1 with the binder and you can add various addendums as you require.
      Also: our > product > accessories offers a long alphabetical list of feet and accessories. Many have how to info and links to video’s.
      You can also access video’s on many feet with this link:
      I am trying to locate an accessory catalogue. It might be available for download. I am checking and if I find one, I will let you know.



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