ARTISTIC DIGITIZER PART 8: Time Management aka saving time!



It takes time to create a beautiful embroidery design.  Artistic Digitizer helps us by utilizing graphic images to auto digitize them for us. Understanding file types will help us on our way. Here is a quick review to help save time.

Artistic Digitizer can read many different graphic art designs.  The best designs to use with the auto digitizing feature are vector based designs.  Other art files can be read and opened by this program, but they are better used to trace and manually punch your own stitch design. All of the images included in the Artistic Digitizer program are vector based images.

Use the help menu and search for vector file types and the program will list all the file types to use for digitizing in the program.

help search import artwork

You can use simple graphic files like .jpg or .bmp but the clarity is not there for auto digitizing.  We use these for tracing the images in the background.  When you open the program and click on the word ‘browse’ from the main screen, you can navigate your computer to the area where you have images.  In the example below, we navigated to a .jpg image.  When we select that image, another box opens and gives me options to load that image into Artistic Digitizer to use for creating an embroidery file.  Since we know that a .jpg does not auto digitize well, we would only use this as an image in the background.  That means: if we choose to digitize this, it will take longer to produce an embroidery file, but it will look good because of the power of the manual punch tools in the program.

jpg image logo

To better understand the image types to use in Artistic Digitizer , review the videos built into the program on the main screen that explain how to use the image files in the program and on your computer.

If time is of the essence when creating a design, use a good vector drawing to start with and when you open it the Artistic Digitzer program will automatically digitize it for you.  Quick and easy!! Now all you will need to do is just select the specific stitch properties you want for your custom design.

Happy Digitizing!

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2 Responses to ARTISTIC DIGITIZER PART 8: Time Management aka saving time!

  1. Hi i have the Janome 500E machine. I have a large number of cutting dies that i want to use as applique and machine outline the edges. I was advise that the machine can outline my own images. Is this possible?
    Many thanks Carrie


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      You sure can but you would need to digitize the outline in an embroidery software product while ensuring that the outline/applique stitch is the correct size for your pre-cut appliques.



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