Why do you sew?

Why do you sew? What motivates you to spend hours in your sewing room, perched over your cherished sewing machine?

I’ve written about this before (both here and here) but I was thinking about this again as I was working on my latest project.


In addition to sewing because I like to be creative, and because I literally like to make things for other people, I also sew because it’s a way to get exactly the outcome that I want.

I’ve been looking for a particular style of tunic top for my daughter for a while. I looked at all the usual retail stores, and even searched through Etsy. But just recently I found a pattern that was exactly what I wanted and I had my ah-ha moment – I can make this in ALL the colours, and even play with different fabrics!

AN ASIDE: What is your favourite part of a sewing project? I confess… cutting out fabric patterns and pieces is NOT my favourite part of any project. In fact, if I’m stalling to get something done, it’s probably because I’m on that step of the process! But I digress…

I love the simple look of this tunic dress. Pair it with tights, a sweater in the winter, it’s the perfect outfit for play, brunch meet-ups, and more.


I had this linen fabric on hand and it was great to work with for my first time through this pattern. I can see a lot more of these dresses in my sewing future.

And, I love a dress with pockets. I was joking around with my friend because you know “kids these days” and technology – we noticed that the pockets would fit a smart phone perfectly – LOL! Don’t worry… I don’t let her walk around with my phone (unless it really is one of THOSE days). But my girl sure loves to FaceTime with Grandma and Grandpa.


One of my favourite details about this is all the gorgeous edge and top stitching.

31F71F87-EEA6-441C-9A3F-05C647C719B5To keep all my seams and edging precise, I used the AcuFeed Flex Dual Feed Holder with AD Foot. It’s quickly becoming my go-to sewing machine foot. It keeps all my fabric from bunching and pulling.



It even  has gorgeous gathering fabric at the neckline.


Why do you sew?

Do you have a favourite pattern?

And what about your favourite go-to sewing machine foot?

And finally, who’s started their Christmas sewing?

Editor: Trina is one of our regular artisan bloggers on janomelife. I’m sure you enjoyed this post as much as all her others – over the years – on janomelife? Perhaps you’d like to do a search for these if you missed them……you will have a reading and sewing treat in store for you if you do!

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3 Responses to Why do you sew?

  1. Terry Carter says:

    Very cute Trina. And when she starts juniors she has pockets for bait:)


  2. Tammy says:

    This tunic is just gorgeous and versatile, too. I sew for the creative freedom it allows me. I like patterns from a particular indie designer and have made multiple varieties of one top because it fits perfectly and can look completely different with a few changes to the pattern or fabric.


  3. Sis says:

    Oh, I sew to keep sane! Favourite pattern is a vintage bra pattern from my mother’s 1950ties Lutterloh book – changed my attitude to bras completely. Foot – that is hard as I am split between the QC foot for my quilting adventures and the button foot for my dressmaking. Christmas – what is that?
    Thanks for another lovely blog post – just sat down with a cuppa after turning 3 dresses into skirts due to very worn armscyes when I saw this. Now I will have to make tops to go with the skirts – isn’t that just the perfect excuse for more sewing?


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