HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL……. + a Janome Giveaway for 2 lucky janomelife viewers!!

Well, Christmas is almost upon us. Hopefully you have completed all your Christmas sewing and have wrapped up all the gifts to put under the tree? Hopefully you or your favourite Santa were able to take advantage of the many Janome gift suggestions we put you over the 2 weeks on janomelife?  Reallt hoping it made your gift giving decisions  and the hectic last minute shopping easier for you? If so, do go have a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate – you deserve it    …… You can start the Christmas cooking later!  MERRY CHRISTMAS…….may your time with friends and family be special this season.  And may your time in your sewing room be creative and full of fun!

We have a little janomelife Holiday giveaway for 2 lucky winners……. useful Janome shopping tote plus 2 CD’s of embroidery designs +  5 spools Janome polyester embroidery thread + 1 blister pack of 12 pre-wound Janome bobbins – just so you can stitch out these beautifully digitized designs at your JANOME embroidery machine.

Both these Janome polyester embroidery thread spools (as well as 3 different boxes containing different shades of colour) + the  Janome pre-wound bobbins (in black and white top quality poly 60wt thread) are available for purchase at authorized Janome dealers.

These embroidery designs are also available for purchase on Janome AcuDesign APP: as a collection like on the CD’s above OR individually.

Would you like a chance to win one of these two janomelife Christmas gifts?

Simply send us a comment below with your name PLUS please tell us about one item you sewed for the Holiday season this year on your Janome AND what Janome foot or machine feature you liked using to make this item. (just a brief sentence or 2 is all we require listing these 2 things)

Could be something you sewed as a gift for a loved one on your Janome ?

Could be a Home Dec. item you sewed or machine embroidered on your Janome for the holidays?

Could be a lovely new garment you sewed on your Janome sewing machine or serger to wear during the holidays?

All comments WITH brief mention of project + Janome foot or machine feature you used will be eligible for the draw on 1st January 2019.  

This giveaway offer closes at midnight (Eastern time zone) on 31 December 2018 so be sure to send us your comment this week. 2 lucky people will be contacted early in the New Year and the gifts will be shipped off soon after that. 

Good Luck!!

About Janome Canada

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145 Responses to HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL……. + a Janome Giveaway for 2 lucky janomelife viewers!!

  1. Kay Warcup says:

    I made most of my Christmas gifts with my Janome S5, 500e, and Pro40X using various stitches and feet. I made an apron for my oldest daughter, embroidered a t-shirt for my son-in-law and did a Nativity Banner for my grandchildren’s school. I did a memory quilt for my youngest daughter memorializing all her dance career. I made 3 Christmas stockings for my middle daughters new family – embroidering them, serging them and finishing up on my sewing machine and a cloth book from a panel for my 6 week old grandson. I embroidered ITH 2 dozen poinsettia tea lite covers for my knitting groups Christmas Luncheon. I made and embroidered a tea cozy for my parents. A dozen little hanging ornaments for fellow strata board members. To finish up I made a “Grinch” wreath, some table toppers and napkins for myself!


  2. Johanne Fillion says:

    I made nightgowns for my 3 grand daughters .I embroidered their names and butterflies using my MC12000 and my Janome air threader serger for the seams .For the hem my Cover Pro machine gave a professional finish.


  3. Carol Roth says:

    I used my Janome 15000 to embroider a wall hanging. After the embroidery work was finished I did free motion quilting using the free motion foot. I also used the HP foot to complete the project.


  4. Marsha Ryan says:

    I made 10, yes 10 in the hoop (partial) make up bags. I stitched out the front and the back of the bag on my 15000 machine. When I completed to embroidery on the first bag I used my 8900 to assemble the bag. I used the snap on zipper foot to sew the zippers and the A foot to assemble the bags. As each bag finished in the hoop I was ready to assemble the next one.


  5. About a week ago I sew a wedding apron with embroidery on it. What i really loved was using straight stitch foot/plate for going over those bulky denim seams.


  6. Kim says:

    I embroidered bath towels for my grandsons using my 15000. I used the letters for their names and imported designs. They were thrilled.


  7. Becky Routenburg says:

    This Christmas I sewed up two pair of little girls pajamas for my 3 yr old grand daughters. The pattern called for piping along the collar, sleeves & plackets. My Janome 6600 did a lovely job, & I used my zipper foot (standard) to sew the piping into place. The other foot I used which I was pleased with was my button holler, although it was a little temperamental with the flannel fabric, I managed to complete the project successfully.


  8. Gale M says:

    I made a beautiful Christmas panel quilt at a course taught by a local Janome dealer here in Calgary. It was made on my Horizon 15000, using my 1/4″ foot, as well as my walking foot UD and AD


  9. Joanne dorman says:

    Favorite project made as a Christmas gift was a sewing tote with quilting and embroidery design. Many different Janome feet were used including quilting guide with the dual Feed open toe,embroidery foot, 1/4 inch upgrade foot, open foot, buttonhole foot and zipper foot.


  10. Tina Dana says:

    I embroidered blankets using my 500e… I’ve only had a couple of months and love all of it!


  11. Carrie Meyer says:

    On my MC1500 this year I embroidered Santa’s Workshop Tiling Scene by Dona Gelsinger. This was the most ambitious embroidery project I have ever done. It consisted of 32 tiles that took an hour or more to stitch out each one. I really enjoyed using the apps and found the the AD walking foot was great for piecing the tiles together.


  12. I made some new free standing lace tree ornaments on my Janome 12000. I use the embroidery foot.


  13. Cora Schmitt says:

    I made kitchen aprons for our two great-granddaughters, age 5! After a few attempts with a regular foot, I used the zipper foot to stitch the bias tape around the small pockets! Worked like a charm!


  14. Suzanne says:

    Sorry….accufeed small foot. Don’t like auto correct


  15. Suzanne says:

    I sewed microwave bowl holders and my favorite foot is the small accusers foot. Merry Christmas!


  16. Margaret says:

    I used the circular sewing attachment and embroidery features on my MC9900 to make perfectly round, customized hot pads as Christmas gifts. -M


  17. Wanda Hunter says:

    Red Christmas truck panel decorated with embroidery, buttons,crystals,& little lights.


  18. Beth says:

    Made folded “Christmas tree” napkins using my Janome 15000 and the 1/4” foot and edge stitch foot


  19. kris tingley says:

    I used the embroidery foot p to sew several Christmas kitchen towels for presents. Love my 15000.
    Kirs Tingley


  20. Donna Abotsway says:

    I made my grand daughter a throw pillow I used the flourish E on my Janome 500e and quilted the top with the dual feed foot AD on my Janome 9450 I love love my new 9450


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