The NEW Janome MC 9450QCP offers even more “flex”ibility with AcuFeed!

I recently sewed a set of 4 placemats, a table runner and 4 mug rugs from a beautiful indigo blue layer cake. I decided to try a different quilting technique on each of the placemats. I quilted one placemat, the table runner and the mug rugs using the fabulous Janome AcuFeed Flex feet. They are amongst my all-time favourite Janome presser feet.

Janome has offered the Twin/ Dual AcuFeed Flex Foot Holder and the Single/ Narrow AcuFeed Flex Foot Holder for a number of years now, BUT,  debuting with the fabulous NEW Horizon MC 9450QCP, Janome has released the NEW AcuFeed Flex Professional Grade HP 2 foot.


As you can see in the photo below, even amongst the Janome AcuFeed Flex feet for the Twin/ Dual holder, I STILL couldn’t decide on just ONE foot to use. And, really, why should we decide? Janome presser feet are some of the most economically priced in the market, and they all do such fun, time-saving things yielding better, more professional results.

Going clockwise from the top left in the pic below : The regular AD foot, UD Open Toe foot, OD Quarter Inch foot with Guide, SD Stitch In The Ditch foot, and STD Single Hole foot to use with the Single Hole needle plate. These feet are compatible with all Janome Acufeed flex model machines – Please see your Janome Dealer for more information or to buy these very useful feet.  Definitely worth having them all! Check your standard accessory list in your machine instruction manual to see which of these feet you may already have!  They’re great items to add to the birthday or Christmas wish lists, too! (hint, hint!)


For those who are perhaps in the market for a new machine you might want to have a look at the ALL NEW Horizon Memory Craft 9450QCP, which is just one of the 10 new machines Janome is launching over the next few months. Apart from being a fabulous machine with some exciting new features, it has the equally fabulous and NEW Janome AcuFeed Flex Professional Grade HP 2 foot! Janome has done it again!

Everyone has been loving the HP (high performance) needle plate and foot on their Horizon MC 9400QCP, the MC 6700P, updated MC 15000 and MC 15000 Quiltmaker, but now Janome has further “amped” it up with AcuFeed……..

The HP foot and corresponding needle plate is great for sewing around curves and to achieve that perfect quarter of an inch seam allowance. You can see the above photo that the HP 2 Foot has markings spaced a quarter of an inch apart, so you know just where to stop sewing and pivot your fabric. This is perfect for those once-dreaded “Y” seams. Fear no more – Janome has you covered.

The new Horizon MC 9450QCP has this new HP2 foot included, but it is now available in a blister pack for the Horizon MC 9400QCP, MC 6700P, Mc15000 version 1 & 2 updated to version 3 and MC 15000 Quiltmaker.

Please see your local Janome Dealer for more information. In addition, watch janomelife for more MC9450 info, projects and more…..coming up soon.

Happy Sewing!!

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  1. cherylsewing says:

    Thank you for your post. Your placemats, etc. are beautiful. I’m glad that the HP2 foot will be available for my 15000 V3.


  2. Great addition to the AcuFeed line-up! Can’t wait to try it out, Sarah


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