Valentine’s Day Heart Ornament

It’s not even February yet, but I was in the mood to create a Valentine’s Day decoration using the Janome MC9400. Usually, I’m working on this type of project the day before the holiday, but (for a change) I actually stitched up this heart ornament well before the big day.

Editor: Kim sewed this Valentine’s project on her Janome MC9400 but since completing the project we have switched out her Janome MC9400 for the new Janome MC9450! All the instructions and information in this post equally apply to the new Janome MC9450…….if you are as lucky as Kim and have this brand new model! 

Heart Ornament - 3.jpg

I used the decorative stitches and the monogram feature on the Janome MC9400  to create this project and the biggest problem I encountered was deciding which stitches and what phrases to create. With several hundred decorative stitches, it was hard for me to decide on just a few for the heart ornament. Of course, it also gave me ideas for several more that I hope to whip up before February 14.

To make your own Valentine’s Day heart ornament, you’ll need:

Red or pink fabric – enough for the front and back of the ornament

Batting for the centre – I recommend 100% cotton batting

Ribbon, rick rack or trim for the hanging loop.


Contrasting thread

This project is embellished with decorative stitches and words or phrases that you can create on the Janome MC9400. or Janome MC9450. My favourite part about this heart ornament is that you can personalize it by creating the words and/or phrases that seem most “Valentine-y” to you.

I always recommend creating and stitching out your words or phrases on sample fabric before adding them to your “real” ornament. This allows you to measure them and mark your ornament so you’ll know exactly where to start stitching.

heart ornament - 1

I created “XOXO”, “Sweetheart”, and “Kisses” on the Janome MC9400 or Janome MC9450. I  created several variations of each word and chose the one that I liked the best for this project.

Valentine's Sweet Heart.jpg

I also added some decorative stitches to my heart ornament. You’ll need to choose one to go around the outside of the heart and you may want to add a few to the interior as well.

valentine - edge stitch

I chose two decorative stitches to embellish my heart: D21 to go around the outside of the heart (which also anchors the hanging loop) and D13 for some interior interest. While I used the default settings on these stitches, remember that you can often change the width and length of the decorative stitches on the Janome MC9400 or Janome MC9450

valentine's little hearts

For the step-by-step tutorial on how to make this Valentine’s Day heart ornament, click on the image below.valentine's day ornamentI hope you’ll try this easy project. It’s a good way to try out a variety of decorative stitches and become familiar with the monogram feature on the Janome MC9400  and Janome Mc9450.

If you’d like more information on using the decorative stitches and monogram feature on the Janome MC9400 and MC9450, please visit my Chatterbox Quilts’ YouTube channel.

Happy stitching from Kim Jamieson-Hirst, Janome Canada Artisan in Calgary, Alberta.

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