My first date with Serge!

Serge is simple, clean and compact in design!

I must make a confession… though I have sewed since I was 16 I have never tried a serger. I know, I know… how is this possible?

Recently a friend showed me how to use one. It seemed simple… sew and cut a finished edge at the same time.  Pretty straightforward but what would I, who mostly quilted, ever use it for? This is how I went years without becoming acquainted with all the tricks and talents that a serger like Serge can do.

Meet Serge! or at least the box that contains Serge

Flash forward… now I have a serger… and I have decided to name him Serge… Serge the Serger. The only way to learn something new is to dive right in.

And if you are also unfamiliar with sergers, please follow along as we get acquainted! Let’s get started and free Serge from the box. Let me tell you Serge is solid! I have learned that the heavier your sewing machine, the better… it means there is more metal for your money and less plastic. If you would like to get all the serious specs on Serge, the link below will lead you to his home page.

First things first… always start with the manual. I know you may be very savvy with sewing and impatient to get started (I know I am, not necessarily savvy, but just a tad impatient) but eventually you are going to have to refer to the manual so you might as well check it out now. Everything you need to know about Serge is contained within.

the instruction book aka manual can be your best friend

The next thing you should do is figure out what accessories Serge is equipped with. Handily kept inside the waste catcher is a box that holds your accessories.

accessory box and handy waste catcher
all the bits and bobs

Next let’s open up all the sections and get a look at the working parts. Lots of space to thread here and easy to access.

After we took a look at the accessories and opened things up, I checked what other surprises Serge had in store and I was delighted to discover that he has colour coding! I love a good colour code and this one is to help you keep track of which thread is which…… something I appreciate. I have heard that threading a serger can be intimidating, but with colours to help you out, how can you go wrong?

love a good colour code!

This is only the beginning of my relationship with Serge, stay tuned to this blog to see more of our sewing adventures! Now I am off to Pinterest to discover all the projects that we can create together.

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2 Responses to My first date with Serge!

  1. Renate Shepherd says:

    I get all the updates on Janome Life but find that most are for the newer Janome models and I have just a basic model so find myself deleting them since it just makes me feel inadequate, jealous and so behind in model updates. I was happy when I saw the info on Janome Serger since I have one but haven’t used it much since I’m not that familiar with it. Not really sure why I bought it but suppose I had something in mind at the time. I look forward to seeing more on it. Thank you. :-)RENATE


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Renate,

      I hear your comment but must respectfully disagree in part with you. Yes, we do posts on new and updated models. We do this as we are a sales/distribution company and therefore part of the purpose of this blog must needs be promotional. Many of our viewers tell us they want to know what’s new – even if they don’t intend to buy. They tell us they like to know what is new as they dont always live close to their dealer’s store and like to be up to date. I read a wide range of sewing and quilting magazines (print and online) for the same reason. I certainly am not interested in everything they publish but I do value the nuggets I glean in every publication about new products and sewing and embroidery techniques .

      However, we also intentionally offer a great deal of other posts, every month on projects, hints and tips, answering queries and general sewing education. Our monthly post from Trina (last Friday of every month) is one such example. We have a “Glad you asked that” series; “Foot of the month” as well as a “Project of the Month”every month. While a particular project or foot may have been made or used on one machine (as that is the one our artisan or educator has to sew on at home), these same questions and projects may be equally applicable to other machines. Many times we list the feet and accessory part #’s for a range of machines and not just the one featured.

      Our January and February 2019 Projects of the month involved embroidery. However, these projects may be adapted to exclude embroidery or be substituted with something else like fussy cut fabric, a quilt block or applique perhaps? Not all our monthly projects will involve machine embroidery: For example, March 2019 Project of the month will be a quilting project.

      We try our best to cater to a wide spectrum of sewers, serger/garment sewers, embroidery and software enthusiasts and quilters too. We hope we hit the mark with a number of our posts. We aim for a minimum of 2-3 per week. Many times there are more posts as we do a have a lot of sewing information to impart. We realize that not every post will be of interest or applicable to every viewer.

      You are very welcome to send us suggestions for topicsyou might like to see on janomelife (in the comment box like you did this time). We will be happy to consider these and incorporate in future posts where possible.



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