pineapple love tea towel applique

On the days you need a little creative break, why not make something simple, short and sweet… like this applique pineapple tea towel! For this project I used my fabulous Janome MC6700P that honestly makes every sewing task a pineapple delight!


To get started you will need the following:

  • tea towel
  • thread to match or contrast
  • fabrics for applique (yellow, green and pink)
  • fusible web
  • fabric pen
  • scissors for paper and for fabric

For this project you can either use a purchased tea towel or make your own from toweling yardage. I made my tea towel from a large cotton tablecloth (heavier weight) that I cut approximately 19 x 29″.  I then hemmed 1/2″ on all sides. In addition, I pre-washed my tea towel so that any shrinkage would minimally distort the applique.

Start by choosing the applique fabrics you would like for your two pineapples and three hearts. Next, prepare your tea towel for the applique by folding in half (length) and press. This will give you a centre guide around which to place your appliques.

My steps for fusible applique are as follows:

  1. using a pencil, trace the shapes onto the paper side of the fusible
  2. cut out the shapes leaving about ¼” outside the drawn lines
  3. place the templates onto the wrong side of the fabric, glue side down
  4. press with iron according to your fusible web instructions
  5. ok now you can cut out the shapes on the pencil line!
  6. mark the eyes and smile on your pineapples using a fabric pen and a bright window or light box
  7. remove paper
  8. arrange pieces on your tea towel using the image provided as a guide
  9. press in place according to your fusible web instructions

Next stitch the edges of your applique with a straight stitch or any of the myriad of stitches available on the Janome MC6700P. This is an excellent project to try some of them out. This project can, of course, also be made on any number of other Janome sewing machines. 

Use either contrasting or matching thread depending on the final look you want. I chose a red thread to match the tea towel fabric as I wanted a distinct line on the outside of the applique shapes but remember a contrasting thread will show every little dipsy doodle! Keep your stitch length smaller to get around the shapes and remember to use your walking foot or Acufeed flex foot and lift it from time to time to re-position. Go slowly and you will be happier with the final result.

Your tea towel is ready to make her kitchen debut!

Take some time with your Janome to create something useful and beautiful, to keep or to share. I know you will want to make more than one! And if you are someone who really enjoys hand applique, this would also be a perfect project for that 🙂



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