Stupendous Stitching goes High Tech! March Project of the month

Do you remember the Stupendous Stitching which kind of went viral on some years back? I saw this technique done all over the place for several years ……here is the post we did back in June of 2012 using machine decorative stitches.

But here it is done with a totally different technique: All embroidery thread used was Madiera polyester embroidery thread ……now available from Janome in Canada – Ask your local Janome dealer today about Madiera thread.

Stupendous stitching just got revisited (above) in a totally new way by Donna Morton of Snip and Stitch Sewing Center, Nanaimo, BC. She took the concept of stupendous stitching aka machine decorative stitch embellishment and digitized  designs for our Janome embroidery machines. She digitized using both our Janome Digitizer MBX as well as Artistic Digitizer. Thank you, Donna, for showing us at Janome Days last month at Snip and Stitch Sewing Center exactly how to digitize Stupendous stitching with both of our software programs. Isn’t it so COOL that we can very easily digitize machine decorative stitches to stitch out in our hoops?  I am thrilled to show what I did with Donna’s digitized designs:

First up was to embroider the designs in the GR and SQ23 hoops and then remove the tearaway stabilizer. Then trimming to the size I wanted for the baggies.

I used the NEW Janome HP2 foot to quilt straight stitching between some of the embroidery – through all 3 layers. This foot was nothing short of brilliant as it zipped so easily and beautifully between the rows of embroidery stitching.

Shows the quilting on the inside of the baggie front panel

The back panels were quilted using a serpentine stitch in random directions and the Janome Acufeed Flex wide foot. Once front and back panels of baggies were quilted, it was time to construct the baggie.

Zippers were sewed in position using the HP2 Foot and the side seams and base of baggies were sewed using the Acufeed Flex foot and a Utility overcasting stitch. Little loops were inserted into the side seams for easy carrying or hanging up – depending on what might be put into these baggies?

Now, you don’t have to digitize stupendous stitching like Donna did. You may want to give it a try if you own embroidery software like our Janome Digitizer MBX or Artistic Digitizer.  OR you could use decorative stitches on your Jnaome sewing machine to replicate what you see in the digitizing here or in our previous post on Stupendous stitching. 

Want a tutorial on sewing up a little baggie like this? Check out this post we did quite some time ago with step by step photo’s and instructions. And here is a great video courtesy of Janome America where Erin shows you step by step how to make a vinyl zipper pouch.

For sewing supplies? Knitting? shoes? toiletries? cosmetics? medication when travelling?  …….you name it and they can have a nice, new, tidy “home”.

I am a self-confessed Dec stitch queen and love to embellish with dec stitches at every opportunity. However, doing the stitching THIS way, by digitizing and stitching in the hoop, was pretty darn clever and was also much quicker!  Thanks, Donna and Snip and Stitch Sewing Center for this great project idea for our March Project of the month.

What do you think? Are you inspired to do something similar? 



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7 Responses to Stupendous Stitching goes High Tech! March Project of the month

  1. Ceil says:

    Love this and wish they would do a video to show how to do it! 🙂


  2. Louis & June Perreault says:

    Hi Liz

    I would love to learn how to use the software. Where can I go learn how to use it? I have the MBX. I spent a lot and use to increase/decrease designs and for the fonts…

    Thank you.



    • lizafrica says:

      Hi June,

      Your first place to go for training on your software is always with the dealer where you purchased your MBX. Unfortunately there are limitations to how much detail we can offer on a blog forum. There is also a good instruction manual which comes with your software and, while somewhat dry, IS certainly a good place to go to learn new techniques. Anyone I know who has software and knows it well, has spent many, many hours doing self- learning with their manual together with classes/lessons at their dealer. None of us learn new things unless we step out of our comfort zones and actively do a lot of self-directed questioning and exploration.

      You may also contact Trevor Conquergood of Sunset Stitches who has webinars and video’s available for the learning process.



  3. Donna M says:

    Wow Liz! Great post. Thank you.


  4. Debbie GARVER says:

    Had hoped there was a video on how to this in the digitizing programs (specifically Digitzer 5)


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Debbie,

      I believe there were some training video’s included with MBXv5 although I am open to correction as version 5 came out some time ago. But you always have your Instruction manual to refer to. And Trevor Conquergood of Sunset Stitches has webinars and video’s available for the learning process.



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