Glad you asked that: How do I do a blind hem?

Or how do I do an invisible hem? You might remember our recent post from Trina on 29th March 2019 where she shared with us how she made a skirt with thick textured fabric and hemmed it with a blind hem.

So many people ask us how to do blind hems with this Janome blind hem foot G so we thought we’d share the goods with you:

This link to our website has quite  a lot of info and video’s

If you use a fabric with some weight, loft or texture like Trina did, the stitching will probably be totally invisible. If you use a thinner fabric like a quilting cotton or a semi-sheer, you may need to use a closely matching thread in your needle or, better still, an invisible thread.

We have a very good video courtesy of Janome America which shows you the full story. 

And low and behold, the current Threas magazine has an article on how to do a blind hem so I guess “great minds are all thinking alike”? Here is a link to that although you would probably need to buy the magazine to get the full story.

Hope this helped clear up some of the head scratching and furrowed brows? LOL.


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2 Responses to Glad you asked that: How do I do a blind hem?

  1. Gail Matthews says:

    How do you get the mb7 to stop sewing when bobbin is out??


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Gail,

      There is no bobbin low sensor on the MB7 so you will need to be diligent and watch or listen for signs of bobbin running out.



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