me and my MC500E… part two

If you remember my last MC500E post, I am new to the embroidery game. You may be too so, if this is the case, you are not alone! Don’t worry, we can learn together.

In this earlier post I tried stitching out my Instagram handle and even though I did it on a quilt sandwich, it turned out alright. I am a quilter and my default is a quilt sandwich, what can I say?

This time I have interfacing, some most excellent Helios Iris neon yellow thread ( ask your local Janome dealer – Janome distributes this thread throughout North America) so my stitching will really pop. And guess what, my Janome MC500E comes with a lovely set of thread snips that I overlooked in my first post!

embroidery snips, bobbin and thread

In that earlier post, I stitched out my Instagram handle and immediately it occurred to me how cool it would be to embroider my social media information on a bag, say a cute Janome bag that I use when I’m teaching?

Hoop the bag with interfacing on the inside of the area you want to stitch. This can be a bit tricky but take your time and it is achievable. I found the end of my ironing board a good place to help get the interfacing inside the bag and the hoop well secured. I made my best effort to have the bag lined up exactly along the top stitched edge and I think I did pretty good for my first effort. The Janome MC500E does allow you to centre and move your design to the place you want it, which is amazing! 

Next take your hooped bag to the machine and make sure that the other side of the bag is tucked well out of the way of the area you will be stitching. I found it the easiest to have the embroidery at the top edge of the bag. Using the alphabet/font function,  program your Instagram handle or other social media information, thread your machine and press Start!

the screen of your Jnaome MC500E (or other Janome embroidery machine) gives you all the information you need… hoop size, design size, speed and so much more!
looking good!
not quite perfect but definitely an excellent first try!

It’s simple to add your social media account… Instagram, Twitter, Facebook… whatever you like.

And now when you are out and about, you can easily share with your fellow creatives where they can see your work and connect with you.

Hope you had fun and I look forward to making additional projects as I become more comfortable with my Janome MC500E.

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  1. Bev Moseley says:

    You could get a riser for your machine and then tuck in the way fabric from bags or T shirts out of the way underneath.


  2. Teresa says:

    Wonderful dedicated embroidery machine. Love mine.


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