Check out this link for all the information + downloadable brochure for this new model. Discover all the features you would expect for a much higher price point…….but, no, they are included on this model. Ask your local Janome dealer for a price and demonstration of all this machine model does for you.

And if these feet and accessories above + table + hard cover are not enough for you, the Janome 4300QDC ALSO includes the Quilting kit (pictured below) with open toe foot, 1/4 inch foot, free motion foot, walking foot + quilting guide bar and the seam guide! Janome includes SEW much for your sewing pleasure.

These models come at a great price point even though they include a bundle of stitches, features and accessories including our popular quilting kit, quilting table and hard cover.  All our QDC models have been a very attractive option for quilters due to the included quilting feet and features offered.  What quilter is not thrilled to realize they will get a quilting table, walking foot, 1/4 inch foot, free motion foot and more  at a most affordable price? NO need to go buying a bunch of extra’s just to be able to complete a project easily!

And garment sewers also love this machine with its blind hemming, button holes, decorative stitch embellishment, zipper foot and more. Plus name tags or designer labels to sew into a garment are a breeze with the Janome 4300QDC as this Jnaome 4300QDC has alphabets.

The NEW Janome 4300QDC is not an exception. It offers all of the above and more. It comes with 400 stitches including alphabets for name tags and quilt labels. LOTS of applique stitches for quilting, the super popular hand look quilt stitch, buttonholes, decorative stitches as well as all the utility stitches you might need such as blind hemming, the elastic stitch and so much more.  It also has twin needle safety button, needle up/down, lock stitch, thread cutter, stop/start button……..SO many features which are usually found on much larger and more expensive machines such as our Skyline and Horizon series of models.

Stitch selection is easy > select the desired stitch from the stitch chart attached to the machine; select the mode and key in the stitch #. Simple and quick. Adjust stitch length or width at the touch of  a button. You are ready to stitch away to your heart’s content!

Bored with your current machine? Does it offer you enough creative potential? Need a machine packed chock full of features, feet and stitches? This could be just what you need.

Don’t have the budget or space for a top of the line model with a 1o or 11 inch harp space? This 4300QDC gives you many of the same features but with a smaller foot print and very  affordable price point.

Visit your local Janome dealer today to see the Janome 4300QDC and what features and benefits it could add to your sewing experience.  



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  1. Kate says:

    I love this machine! This is my tried and true-haul anywhere I want to sew machine and love it. So happy that I bought this one over a less expensive model.


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