HD9 ACCESSORY KITS ……. available in Canada

Start sewing immediately with practical accessory kits that include everything you need to do all your projects.  These feet work with the foot and needle plate specially designed for the HD-9 :  they will achieve professional results, no matter what you SEW!

Set # 1: Garment Sewing Kit

The set contains:

* Velvet Foot
• Concealed Zipper Foot
• Straight-Stitch Foot
• Adjustable Seam Guide
• Needle Pack

Set # 2: Leather Sewing Kit

This set contains:

• Roller Leather Foot
• Ultra-Glide Foot
• Adjustable Zipper Foot
• Leather Needle Pack

Set # 3: Piecing/Sewing Kit

This set contains:

• Even Feed Foot
• 1/4 ” Seam Foot
• Ditch Quilting Foot
• Needle Pack

Set # 4: Quilting / Ruler Kit

This set contains:

• Set of convertible feet for free dive
• Set of convertible feet for working to the rule (including the foot to ruler)
• Darning foot and plate
• Ultra-Glide carpet for free dive
• 6 “curved ruler
• Straight ruler 8 “x 2”
• Pack of needles

Set # 5: TANDY luxury kit for leather:


This set contains:

•Three projects
• Mallet
• Sponges (2)
• 6 “Poly cutting board (152 mm)
• Knock claws (3)
• Grooet set
• Square Lampshade
• Wire cutter
• Multi-size wood edging
• Sanding wand
• Adhesive tape
• 25-yard waxed wire (22.9 m)
• Leather finish 2 FL. oz bottle. (62 ml)
• Edge finish 2 FL. oz. (62 ml)
• 2 FL. oz bottle leather dye. (62 ml) 2
• Pelletier needles (10)
• Small wool pads (4)
• Medium wool pads (4)
• Instructions

If you’re ready to start making leather items, this luxury package is all you need with more advanced tools. This kit will help you to refine your projects. Show your skills on pre-cut leather parts included to create a wallet, a keychain and a card holder.

Visit your local Janome authorized dealer for a test of the HD-9 and to order one or more of these optional kits!

Originally Published on Vie Janome by Céline Ross. Edited by Annestitcher and Lizafrica for janomelife

About Anne Stitcher

I have been an Educator with Janome for several years now. Crafting is my passion. I love to sew, quilt, crochet, knit, cross-stitch, scrapbook, paper tole and cook. I have so many hobbies. I am always doing something. I love to use my skills to help people in need and to pass on my knowledge to others. Happy Sewing!
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4 Responses to HD9 ACCESSORY KITS ……. available in Canada

  1. Susanna Dunn says:

    I bought an HD9 and would like a stitch regulator for when I use it on my quilting frame. Is there one I can get so I don’t have to use the foot pedal while I free motion in the frame?


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Susanna,

      We do not sell a stitch regulator for our Janome HD9. Our Quilt Maker Pro 16 and 18 have stitch regulators. Not sure what frame you purchased but please contact the dealer where you got it and ask them if their frame has an on/off switch so you don’t have to use the foot control. I don’t know if this is available or not. Also a remote on/off switch is not the same thing as a stitch regulator. – they do very different things.



  2. Valdine Michaud says:

    I have a Janome 9000, will any of these kits work on my machine??


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